COLD – Superfiction

  • 9/10
    COLD - Superfiction - 9/10


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Release Date: July 19, 2011

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Cold have released their sixth studio effort since forming in 1998, entitled Superfiction. The band, Scooter Ward (vocals), Jeremy Marshall (bass), Sam McCandless (drums), and Zac Gilbert (guitars), are a phenom of sorts because their sound is so uniquely Cold.  Although compared to the likes of Jane’s Addiction, Tool, and Metallica, they definitely stand on their own eight feet.

Superfiction is a celebration of the superhero. The sentiment on the album says that sometimes we need a hero and sometimes we are the hero.  The listener will undoubtedly be wrapped up in the stories by the second or third song. The first track, “Wicked World”, hits heavy with crunching guitar and ever-apparent drums, but the vocals are really where it’s at. “There’s no way you will escape. No one ever gets away” says the song, and it’s highly believable that one will not escape the stronghold of Superfiction.

“What Happens Now”, the second track, asks if the listener needs a hero to save the day. The songs and stories they tell are a nice progression of each other. “American Dream” is one of the great songs on the album, but there are really so many good ones. “American Dream” might not be a favorite to the diehard Cold fan; it’s a little mellow compared to their other offerings. “Welcome2MyWorld” is so lyrically tight that there is no way it could tank; it’s really beyond good — princesses, kings, witches, and Superman all in one song — more or less attending the same party one might say. “Emily” is dark, and is memorable for just that. “Delivering The Saint” has fluid guitars and is vocally the tops in shining moments for Scooter, although he holds his job well throughout. “Flight Of The Superstar” really showcases Sam and his abilities to keep time in what may seem to be a simple manner, but the song’s great time changes are actually quite complex.

The bass lines throughout the entire album are an ominous necessity that become welcomed to the ear, and Gilbert is a nice studio addition for this band — fans already know he is well-versed live from their last tour.

This album is beautifully done, and Cold might have outdone themselves this time around. Super!


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