CROSSFADE – We All Bleed

CROSSFADE - We All Bleed
  • 7.5/10
    CROSSFADE - We All Bleed - 7.5/10


Eleven Seven Music
Release date: June 21, 2011

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We All Bleed is the third studio recording for Crossfade, and follows their 2006 release Falling Away. Ten tracks in all, Crossfade start out decently heavy with “Dead Memories”, then begin to slow a bit with “Killing Me Inside”. Both songs have a melodic quality to them that would prevent classifying them as ‘Progressive Metal’, but the tracks do have that feel at moments as well. They have loosely been pinned with the ‘Alternative Rock’ label, however, that doesn’t entirely fit them either.

The third track, “Prove You Wrong” is one of the high notes of the album. The vocals are supreme here and the song has some quirky sound bits that make it memorable, and it gradually gets heavier as it nears its end. This band is on the brink of being heavy, but they don’t quite make it, but nonetheless, it’s acceptable. “Lay Me Down” is also another standout for its vocals and “pretty awesome drumming”. Then there is “Dear Cocaine” which throws the whole entire notion of ‘progressive’ out the window. This song is really incredible, as the band takes you through a song that tells of a relationship with, yes, cocaine. “Dear cocaine, I’m not your bitch. I’m not your whore anymore.” Splendid indeed; sad and yet amusingly entertaining all at once. “We All Bleed,” the title track to the album, is not worthy of naming the album after, but probably does sound better than Dear Cocaine as an album title.

The band, Ed Sloan, lead vocals and guitar, Les Hall, guitars and keyboards, Mitch James, bass, and Mark Castillo, drums are all pretty savvy with what they do. The proof is in their platinum status with their first self-titled release. However, there is too much confusion about what kind of music this is. Is it Progressive, Melodic, Metal… then again, maybe this is their effort to not be pigeonholed??? There are not enough common threads in each of the songs to tie them all together and lend them some form of unity. The beginning of the album would lead the listener to believe that they are in for some heavy listening and “Make Me A Believer,” the tenth track, is not even a distant relative to “heavy” for the first half of the song, but ends much later having had many heavy moments.

We All Bleed has multiple personalities. Crossfade fans will adore each of them.


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