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    AMERICAN SPEEDWAY - A Bigger Boat - 7.5/10


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Release date: April 26, 2011

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This is called Punk ‘N’ Roll, or in its extended version, Punk Rock ‘N’ Roll. No matter what you call it, it’s highly energetic. American Speedway is the band and their sophomore release is entitled A Bigger Boat. Their mixture is not new, yet it’s not as commercialized as today’s Punk MTV Rock. Both Rockers and Punksters will like what is being displayed here. With the simplicity of Punk that concentrates on speed and simple, straightforward riffs, there are also peak moments of Rock, such as the lead guitar section that did wonders for the band alongside the rough vocal style, with apparent influences of the ’80s AC/DC and ’70s & ’80s versions of Motörhead. The addition “Dirty” McGurty, the once lead guitar of the all female Metal band Wench, has truly elevated this band’s status from being just another Punk group.

Although that guitarist upgrade turned out for the better, it didn’t go that much further.  A Bigger Boat may hold star tracks such as “Call Me Night Rider”, “Pennsylvania” and “Get Off The Cross”, yet it still has banal moments that offer the same riffages over and over. The solos, even during the changes in tempo and beats, didn’t quite reach the point where they helped to a large magnitude. Nonetheless, there are a good number of quality tracks … also recommended are the bloody “Howl Ya Doin”, “Dolls Eyes” and “Ready To Roll”.

A Bigger Boat is a good Punk release that has the potential to help the band rise up in their local turf and worldwide. Their music is more intelligent than others that follow the same spirit, and eventually that should help them out to become one of the greatest in the genre. American Speedway is still a young group with a fresh approach in the vein of the ’80s, and perhaps they indeed will take on the world someday.


  1. Howl Ya Doin
  2. I Killed Laura Palmer
  3. Lonely River
  4. Unreasonable Things
  5. Pennsylvania
  6. Dolls Eyes
  7. Call Me Night Rider
  8. Ready To Roll
  9. Get Off The Cross
  10. Watch Your Step


Michael Thursby Speedway – Guitar/Lead Vocals
Chris Callahan – Drums
Billy Angry – Bass/Vocals
Lorraine “Dirty” McGurty – Lead Guitar


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