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    SIGN OF THE JACKAL - The Beyond - 8.5/10


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Release date: March 8, 2011

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Something old came back from the dead in Italy this year. This is Sign Of The Jackal. The year might be 2011 but their new EP, The Beyond, was totally out of this current timeline, so you could be better ready for what you were about to hear.

This little powerhouse effort is another step by the band to retro-back into the mid-80s — it’s like being kicked back to 1985 — back to the glory days of the USA Metal scene. It is not just the sound that turned up the notch of this album (and it will be probably be good food for anyone who is a sucker for old productions), it is the old approach and performance that actually makes the difference. Sign Of The Jackal’s musical direction sounds like Hellion, Chastain, Lizzy Borden, and even a touch of old European Heavy Metal along the lines of Judas Priest, Warlock, and Accept. So, how can you really turn down this kind of release?

From that end, Sign Of The Jackal put forth a very good effort towards a definitive Classic Metal release that will keep the Old School fans with new hopes regarding the survival of the classic way of playing Metal and it’s sound craft. The material might not be that melodic, but the thrill of the 80s is there. “Head Over Heels”, the super tanker of this EP, will bust a nut with its vintage aura and powerfully memorable moments. “Night Of The Undead”, which closes down the deal, equally displays the same qualities. Also, you might just enjoy the rest of the tracks as there were almost no shortcomings in them as well. However, part of the album’s great features lay on the backs of the performers at work.

The exchange of solos between Roberto Condini & Max both remind of the great twin guitars pairs throughout the 80s, as their level of playing seems to apply a high form of skill — a trait that will only bring the band to new heights in the future. Secondly, there is a good set of angry and raspy vocal tones by Laura Coller (laced with a slight Italian accent). She does her role well, while serving as the Italian version to the younger Leather Leone or Ann Boleyn. Her addition provides a true service to Old School Metal in the Modern Metal scene.

The Beyond is a USA Metal release in an Italian body. Fans of Old School USA Metal will tear this release apart and will probably embrace it to their heart’s content. By the end of this EP, the craving for the full-length album will have already started showing its signs.


  1. Hellhounds
  2. Head Over Heels
  3. Heavy Metal Demons
  4. Paganini Horror
  5. Night Of The Undead


Laura Coller – vocals
Roberto “Bob” Condini – guitar, vocals
Max – guitar, vocals, keyboards
Röby ”Knife” – bass, vocals
Heavy Mate (Sergio Condini) – drums, vocals


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