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    BENEDICTUM - Dominion - 7.5/10


Frontiers Records
Release date: February 18, 2011

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Frontiers Records Heavy Metal artists Benedictum have released their third effort entitled Dominion. Dominion is the follow-up to Seasons Of Tragedy and their debut, Uncreation. Although the band has had some line-up changes since their debut, the sound that Benedictum delivers has certainly not suffered as a result. This band plays together like they’ve been a band since pre-school.

“Dominion”, the first track off the album, is hard-hitting, rhythmic, yet raw in its appeal and sets the pace for the abundant surprises that Dominion has to offer. The twists and turns this compilation takes are a treat to the ears because none of the songs are remotely identical. Veronica Freeman, vocalist, is powerful, but sometimes a bit un-nerving with her voice that changes from “fem” to “wow that’s freaky”! Her voice is at times reminiscent of Grace Slick. Examples of this would be “At The Gates” and “Seer”.  “Seer” and “Santuary” incidentally are the tracks that if music in this genre had hit singles, these would be the ones. “Epsilon” is a great jewel as well and is evidence that the lyrical content of Dominion is just masterful.

The rest of the Benedictumites that grace this album are Pete Wells/musical God/guitarist/writer, bassist, Chris Shrum, keyboardist, Tony Diaz, and Mikey Pannone on drums. This drummer is a drummer’s drummer! Guest appearances on Dominion are not in short order either… Jeff Pilson, formerly of Dokken, Craig Goldy of Dio fame, and Rudy Sarzo of Quiet Riot, who displays his talents on “Bang”, are all willing participants in the Benedictum realm.

Dominion offers 13 tracks to select from and because they are all unique, there is something for everyone even if you don’t necessarily like it hard and fast. Benedictum fans that were pleased with Seasons of Tragedy will certainly click their like buttons over Dominion; there is a tighter, more mature feel to this release than their prior releases. This might be the signature of producer, Ryan Greene (MXPX, Megadeth fame), or it may just be the experience of the band’s musicians that make Benedictum who they are. Either way, Dominion is exciting enough to make any Benedictum fan anticipate a tour, followed by yet another release, followed by yet another tour…


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