RHINO BUCKET – Who’s Got Mine?

RHINO BUCKET - Who's Got Mine?
  • 7/10
    RHINO BUCKET - Who's Got Mine? - 7/10


Acetate Records
Release date: February 8, 2011

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“Down Payment Blues” — this is a favorite line from one hell of a tune written by the mighty veteran Aussies:  AC/DC. A similar feeling is generated from the new album made by the American band, Rhino Bucket, released via their home label of Acetate Records. Who’s Got Mine? presents the official inclusion of a substitute drummer for the legendary Simon Wright, namely Anthony “Tiny” Biuso.

In general, after previously releasing five albums in the same vein, one might think plugging along down the same road will never end. That road could become boring, yet it could still contain the same stimulating elements from before. Who’s Got Mine? has those questions to answer, and sure enough, it can be boring, yet it can be also stimulating. The album delivers the similar traditional AC/DC approach mixed with rough Blues and even Southern Rock attributes for a little originality flavor.

Two of the greatest powerhouse traits of the album are the ultimate bluesy lead guitar sections played by Brian “Damage” Forsythe that continue the same line of crunchy, articulate solos as in the past, and the general aura of the tunes. The riffages can’t be credited too much because those serve as a sort of a constant lair for this type of material. For Rhino Bucket, as in their entire career, most of their riffages come as they go and can be heard more than once. Keeping it simple has its tolls too, though.

In the spirit of the 70s, for old-era AC/DC fans, this album will turn up the heat with a crispy, cutting edge sound of fresh vintage sensation. Without a doubt, good rockers have been made with love and care … and a sharp-as-a-knife production … kind of like what was made here by the experienced hands of Doug Boehm, the band’s constant engineer. Moreover, this release has its startling moments with the ground-breaking Rocker “Lifeline”, and its followers “Who’s Got Mine?” and “Joke’s On You”. Some others not too far behind are “Chase The Chase”, the easy living Blues of “Rare Beauty”, and the opening relationship message of “Message In The Bottle”.

Rhino Bucket’s previous album, The Hardest Town, may have rocked harder, however, the deeper dig into Southern Rock with a bit more Blues has laid down another solid brick in the foundation of the band. Who’s Got Mine is a must for every Rocker who shares admiration of British Hard Rock with an American twist.


1. Message In My Bottle
2. Lifeline
3. Back To Nowhere
4. Drive Thru Liquor
5. Who’s Got Mine
6. Her Way
7. Joke’s On You
8. Chase The Case
9. Hollywood And Wine
10. Something For Nothing
11. Rare Beauty


Georg Dolivo – Vocals / Guitars
Brian Forsythe – Lead Guitar / Vocals
Reeve Downes – Bass / Vocals
Anthony ‘Tiny’ Biuso – Drums / Vocals


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