SEVENTH VOID – Heaven Is Gone

SEVENTH VOID - Heaven Is Gone
  • 8/10
    SEVENTH VOID - Heaven Is Gone - 8/10


Napalm Records
Release date: November 26, 2010

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Type O Negative may have crossed the line to the other side, however, not all of its members (aside from the late Peter Steele R.I.P) stopped displaying their fine attributes and experience. Kenny Hickey (Vocals / Guitars – once backup vocals for Steele in T.O.N.) and Johnny Kelly (Drums) set up a new band that can easily pinpoint references to their past. Seventh Void, the band’s name inspired by Dante’s Inferno, is pure Brooklyn Doom Metal, as the band calls it. However, along with the two new members, Matt Brown (Guitars / Backing Vocals) and Hank Hell (Bass / Backing Vocals), you will hear small portions of the once Gothic monster, whose future has been uncertain since Steele’s death. Their debut album, Heaven Is Gone, originally released under Big Vin Records in 2009, was set free again through the European label, Napalm Records.

For fans of T.O.N., this album will probably be greeted with a warm welcome. Almost all the same characteristics evident with T.O.N. are alive and well here such as despair, agony, coldness, and a massive flow of grooves. All the following created this type of Doom Metal, which can be recognized as a descendant or a contemporary version of the late British giant. Throughout the album, Seventh Void offers a selection of cool, gloomy, high production quality grooves, thunderous, chilling, cold solos, slow tempo drumming from beneath … and lest one forgets the amazing vocals of Hickey. In fact, Hickey’s vocal talent was often displayed in T.O.N., and from this end the expectation to hear him take on the lead vocals for any sort of group was great.

Heaven Is Gone took Seventh Void into a nice little niche of Doom Metal. However, in that niche it’s hard to ignore that there are some moments within the album where losing yourself to the negative side is pretty common. Although the tracks sound and breathe like Sabbath, to the ears of new Seventh Void doomers, sometimes the music gets lost and moments of boredom arise. What stands and somewhat saves Seventh Void is Hickey’s emotional, screaming voice. Without his efforts, those hard riffs and slow tempos could drive one to madness … or slumber. Nevertheless, some tracks that made a difference and make this new New York Doom rather appealing are: “Heaven Is Gone”, “Last Walk In The Light”, “Broken Sky” (very close to some early Sabbath songs), and “Closing In”.


  1. Closing In
  2. Heaven Is Gone
  3. The End Of All Time
  4. Broken Sky
  5. Killing You Slow
  6. Descent
  7. Shadow On Me
  8. Drown Inside
  9. Death Of A Junkie
  10. Last Walk In The Light


Kenny Hickey – Guitar, Vocals
Matt Brown – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Hank Hell – Bass, Backing Vocals
Johnny Kelly – Drums


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