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    INSTANZIA - Ghosts - 8.5/10


Metalodic Records
Release date: November 26, 2010

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From the French zone of Canada comes Instanzia, a band that drives a lot of their influence from some of the “to become classic” Power Metal bands such as Edguy, Power Quest, Pagan’s Mind, Helloween and Gamma Ray.  Their debut album, Ghosts, released under their new local label, Metalodic Records, should be a treat to any who appreciate good Power Metal.

Looking at Ghosts, this band went right to business. In order to capture you right off hand, they knew exactly were to go. They created a wonderful atmosphere in their material; an aspect which is very important to the sub-genre and to the overall feel for the listener. Moreover, they made sure that every single chorus is catchy, easy to grasp, and melodic as hell. That is why three guest singers stood to the side of their amazingly talented vocal man, Alexis Woodbury, in order to create a choir to enhance the depth. As for the music, in that department the drill was pretty much figured out right from the start. Other than some passages that might send you to Prog land, the same kind of melodic verses of the sub-genre are evident here. The quality and the distribution of the riffages are tasteful and you can take stock in the strong solos all around.

Because of the fact that Instanzia aren’t really something that original in the Power Metal world, their quality tunes try to tell a different story. The majority of their tracks are pretty darn good and make a fine impression for a debut. Their greatest track, “The Desert Fox”, which tells about the other side of Rommel (you probably know him from WWII), is some of the best epic crafted Metal heard in a while. Others that hooked were “Ghosts Of The Past”, “The Key” and “Heavenly Hell”. In the end, a good job by the Canadians. Alongside their writing success, their sound production was great too and suitable for their needs. Peter  In De Betou, a producer with high-rated works on his resume, made it happen.

This young band gives fans what Power Metal typically provides. Although Power Metal probably will continue to stay the course, every band has something unique up their sleeve, and Instanzia has something of their own going with their Ghosts release.


  1. Omen
  2. Ghosts of the Past
  3. Power of the Mind
  4. Charming Deceiver
  5. Heavenly Hell
  6. A Genius Who Believes
  7. The Key
  8. The Desert Fox


Alexis Woodbury – Guitar, Vocals
Jean-Christophe Binette – Guitar
Alexandre Paquin – Bass
Francis Ducharme – Drums


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