VIOLET SUN – Loneliness In Supremacy

  • 8.5/10
    VIOLET SUN - Loneliness In Supremacy - 8.5/10


Melodic Rock Records
Release Date: November 19, 2010

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There are many subgenres of Metal out today. Some are common, while others are hardly delved into. Violet Sun is a band that is all Metal, but very difficult to place into one category. One word that can easily describe their brand of Metal is “innovative” to say the least. Upon listening to their debut album Loneliness In Supremacy you will simply be blown away by their talent and creativity.

The Italian-based Violet Sun was founded back in 2005 by vocalist and guitarist Dario Grillo. He teamed up with Sicilian songstress Allesandra Amata, and they began collaborating on what was to become their debut album. Loneliness In Supremacy is not the normal run of the mill Metal album. There is a blend of styles that feature elements of Symphonic, Progressive, Opera, and Classic Metal. Each of the twelve tracks presents something a little bit different and stimulating.

The vocal talents of Grillo and Amata are shared during the album; however, the main vocalist is Amata. Her enticing mixture of a Rock and Operatic vocal style is perfect for this type of music. She puts forth an immense amount of passion into each performance. One of the tracks in which she exemplifies her great skill is “Falling In Love.” This full-flavored Progressive Rock song features a heavy rock vocal piece that segues into a smooth Opera style. This song also features one of the best musical interludes on the album as well, including a small saxophone piece, some fiery keyboards, and stunning guitar solo.

The musicianship on this album is all but extraordinary. Grillo is credited with most of the instruments on the album: guitar, bass, keyboards, synth, and orchestral. It is obvious he is a truly talented musician. The songs are put together beautifully with some intriguing melodies, as well as simple raw and aggressive Metal. Overall, though, most of the songs are somewhat complex and contain many different themes throughout each track. One of the most powerful songs on the album is the opening track “Dust In The Wind”, which features a driving riff and rolling keyboards to build the song. Once Amata’s vocals begin, there is instantaneous passion that builds up to a chorus that gives chills of excitement.

As a whole, Violet Sun is an immensely talented group with cunning songwriting ability. The vocals of Allesandra Amata are the key ingredient that brings their music to a very unique and distinctive level. Loneliness In Supremacy is definitely an album to enjoy, and will quickly become addictive.


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