at Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway, November 17, 2010

Photo by Karolina E. Piwko

All photos by Karolina E. Piwko

Sentrum Scene is a venue in Oslo, Norway that holds approximately 1750 people. On this Wednesday in November, the place was half full, however, those 800 sounded like 1750, and that’s no wonder since two giants were about to treat the people to some world-class Heavy Metal.


Photo by Karolina E. Piwko

First was Southern Metal supergroup Hellyeah, consisting of vocalist Chad Gray (Mudvayne), guitarist Greg Tribbet (Mudvayne), guitarist Tom Maxwell (Nothingface), bass player Bob Zilla (Damageplan), and of course Big Daddy himself (as Gray would put it during the introduction of the members) Vinnie Paul (Pantera, Rebel Meets Rebel, Damageplan).

The band’s style is definitely Southern Metal, but there’s also a good deal of Groove Metal reminiscent of Pantera in it. The band opened with their self-titled track from their self-titled debut album (2007). They ended up playing five songs off this album and three off this year’s sophomore album; Stamped. Vocalist Gray had a good tone with the crowd all the way, and claimed they weren’t fans but friends.

– I like to get drunk with my friends, ‘cause that’s the COWBOY FUCKIN’ WAY!
Photo by Karolina E. Piwko

“Cowboy Way” off the new record is a heavy track defined by its groovy rhythmic riff, just like most of the songs on their setlist … with the exception of the ballad “Hell Of A Time”, and the more cowboy-like song “Alcohaulin’ Ass.” There was no doubt about who the crowd came to see. When Gray introduced the band, no one got as good of a reception as drummer Vinnie Paul. The man himself used the opportunity to pay his respects to his late brother, Dimebag Darrell, or “the man with the pink beard” as he put it.

Gray seemed to enjoy himself onstage and wished some good things for his friends:

– I hope everyone here leaves with a little bit of alcohol and a little bit of ass!

“Alcohaulin’ Ass” is one of the songs that really define Hellyeah! as a Southern Metal band. It’s got acoustic guitars, lyrics about sex and alcohol, and what’s best described as a cowboy feel to it. Though there’s a noticeable difference between the two types of Metal that Hellyeah and Stone Sour plays, the bands really seems to fit each other in a setting such as this. The crowd seemed to think so too.

Hellyeah setlist:
Hellyeah! / Goddamn / Matter of Time / Cowboy Way / Hell Of A Time / You Wouldn’t Know / Stampede / Alcohaulin’ Ass


Photo by Karolina E. Piwko

Stone Sour is often labeled as Alternative Metal or Post-Grunge, but there’s a lot of straight Heavy Metal in there as well. For instance, the songs “Mission Statement” off this year’s Audio Secrecy and “Reborn” off 2006’ Come What(ever) May were among the heavier tracks played this night, and set the bar high for the rest of the night.

Between the first few songs the crowd cheered “Corey, Corey” and vocalist Corey Taylor started shouting “sucks, sucks” in-between. He seemed to be almost embarrassed by the crowd’s gesture. Though he was a bit troubled by a sore throat, clearly audible when he spoke in-between the songs, he sang as good as ever and didn’t seem to have any problems performing. With the music of Stone Sour he seems able to utilize the diversity of his voice at a much higher level than he is in Slipknot.

The crowd seemed to know the lyrics to all of their songs, though probably more so for the songs off Audio Secrecy, as one could hear on songs like “Unfinished” and “Digital (Did You Tell).” The band was dead-tight and especially guitarists Jim Root and Josh Rand were impressive; both firing off solos at neck breaking speed.

In the middle of the set Taylor was left on the stage alone with a guitar for the ballad “Bother.” It was a more stripped-down version than the one on their self-titled debut (2002). He often took breaks in-between the choruses and verses to let the crowd cheer, all until they started screaming “Corey, Corey” again. Then he held out his hands, palms out, and signaled for them to be quiet. Afterwards the band entered to accompany him on what probably is their biggest hit, “Through Glass.”

Photo by Karolina E. Piwko

During the mandatory encore, Taylor asked the crowd to divide at the center of the venue so that there was an aisle from him at the center of the stage all the way to the back. He called this the “wall of dance,” but it was really a big excuse for a mosh pit — at least that’s what it ended up being.

– At my count, one, two, three, dance, I want you to get in there and dance. I don’t care what dance you do or if you know how to dance. Just get in there and do it.

Taylor himself gave a demonstration with his “Bill Cosby dance” which was downright silly, but it gave the crowd a good laugh. Stone Sour is a great live band, and accompanied with a version of Hellyeah in great shape, this was a great match. Both bands are recommended for a live experience. People in the USA and Australia can look forward to seeing Stone Sour live already in January and February 2011, while Hellyeah are starting their US tour now in December.

Stone Sour setlist:
Mission Statement / Reborn / Made Of Scars / Say You’ll Haunt Me / Unfinished / Let’s Be Honest / Your God / Bother / Through Glass / Digital (Did You Tell) / Get Inside
Encore: The Bitter End / Hell & Consequences / 30/30-150


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