ATHEIST – Jupiter

ATHEIST - Jupiter
  • 9/10
    ATHEIST - Jupiter - 9/10


Season Of Mist Records
Release date: November 8, 2010

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More than fifteen years have passed since Atheist released their last album Elements. A year after that killer album, the band split up and went on doing other things in their lives. In 2006, the undeniable technical beast returned to active status, and three years later released a Wacken live album named Unquestionable Presence: Live At Wacken. Finally, after all these years these US giants officially return with a new studio album entitled Jupiter. With assurance, this one is a major onslaught.

As if nothing had happened during all the silent years for Atheist, Jupiter is a sole continuance of the band’s earlier discography. Even if played with new sound production by the work of Matt Washburn and David Suecof, the material hasn’t changed a bit. Moreover, it even feels better and stronger. In comparison to top notch albums such as Unquestionable Presence and Pieces Of Time, Jupiter is an amazing effort and a strong contender to being the band’s greatest release yet.

Although a number of Metal fans will have a hard time taking a listen to something utterly progressive and uneven such as the music Atheist plays, their stuff can be considered to be a different type of progressive. As in their earlier days, the band’s Death / Thrash power play continues to be involved with Jazz. With impressive technical abilities, Atheist’s material shifts between neck-breaking speeds, uncommon musical passages filled with changing beats, fine melodies/solos and Voivod-like soaring vocals (ultimate work by Kelly Shaefer). It’s fair to say that there are no resting moments with these guys.

For those who don’t know Atheist that well, you can start with Jupiter without going through their old releases. Nothing has changed in the band’s abilities… and that is good. New listeners to Atheist will find their flow to be uneven. If you are an admirer of Voivod and Sadus, the new Atheist will be a quick friend. If not, you still just can’t escape such genius.

Almost everything that is in here is a highlight. Even the weakest track will leave a good impression. This is Hardcore Progression at its best. Great to have you back Atheist!


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