TANK – War Machine

TANK - War Machine
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    TANK - War Machine - 8/10


Metal Mind Productions
Release date: October 25, 2010

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The Tank is one of the superb war vehicles ever built, however, this review is about the return of another type of Tank, a NWOBHM Tank … a British music machine that was conceived thirty years ago in the factories of London. No, it’s not one of their remastered classics; this is in fact a new album by Tank since their last shell, Still At War, from 2002. With War Machine as the name of the album, the band chose a title that fit them like a glove and describes them even after so many years.

After twists and turns through their long history, Tank massed a great line-up to carry out the attack plan of War Machine. Since their comeback in 1997, only two members from the 80s remain: the two guitarists Nick Tucker & Cliff Evans. Presently, Tank have no founding members in their roster, and the last let go was the band’s original vocalist, Algy Ward. Two years before War Machine, Tank found suitable replacements for the vocals, bass, and drums. Along with ex-Zodiac Mindwarp’s drummer, “Garv” Cavill & the ex-bass player for Bruce Dickinson, Chris Dale, Tank found their crown jewel with the recruitment of Doogie White, the super melodic voice that once served in Rainbow, Malmsteen, Praying Mantis & Pink Cream 69. With such a line-up, this band was again ready for war.

Tons of cheers should be given to Tank for preserving their musical approach for three decades. Through Tank, NWOBHM is alive and it will breathe fire for years to come. War Machine will make you stumble all through its steel tracks with old groovy riffs, classic solos, and rhythms that never cease. Tank’s melodic nature, even with their rougher edges, is a memoir that should be nailed onto every band that wishes to follow the same direction. Tracks such as the heart-stopping ballad “After All”, NWOBHM classics like “Great Expectations”, and inner-mind meltdowns like “My Insanity” and the heavy barrages of “Judgment Day”, “War Machine”, and “World Without Pity” will deepen the feel. Even though there is a feeling that age came along to knock, and it can be felt on some of the tracks, those guys still do what they know best.

Additionally, Tank safeguarded the 80s sound with the assistance of producer Pedro Ferreira (also worked with the late The Darkness, Therapy? & Meatloaf). With such a prestigious person, the album’s mixing & mastering should have been equally great. Despite that expectation, some of the channels on this release aren’t bounded in stereo (or in technical terms – were out of Phase). The vintage sound may have been taken care of, but the production work wasn’t serving the band as well as it should have.

Nonetheless, War Machine marks three decades of Tank’s Metal career, even if not continuous, and the release still ends up being a great ride.


  1. Judgment Day
  2. Feast of the Devil
  3. Phoenix Rising
  4. War Machine
  5. Great Expectations
  6. After All
  7. The Last Laugh
  8. World Without Pity
  9. My Insanity


Doogie White – Vocals
Mick Tucker – Guitars
Cliff Evans – Guitars
Chris Dale – Bass
Dave “Grav” Cavill – Drums


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