THAUROROD – Upon Haunted Battlefields

THAUROROD - Upon Haunted Battlefields
  • 9.5/10
    THAUROROD - Upon Haunted Battlefields - 9.5/10


NoiseArt Records
Release date: September 24, 2010

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With a somewhat weird name for a band, written in a language that was invented by J.R.R. Tolkien (defined as “Evil Mountain”), Thaurorod will have you looking at the future to come. This eight-year old band from Finnish lands brings a new light to Power Metal while stepping out of the “cheerful” box of most fantasy-themed concepts. Their debut album, Upon Haunted Battlefields, displays a new generation of complex, aggressive, and melodic type of Metal.

Leading the swarm of talent are the band’s singer and shred guitarist, Markku Kuikka and Emil Pohjalainen. While the songwriting and music show the influences of names such as Startovarius, Dragonforce, and Sonata Arctica, the band’s material is also endorsed by various elements taken from the Extreme Metal world, such as growls and massive grind beats. With respect to the Power Metal flavors inherent within their style, Thaurorod planted the seeds of progression to make their music more noticeable and challenging, while also trying to lift themselves out of the similarity image that so many bands try to escape. Upon Haunted Battlefields is the true answer for whomever takes on the quest to find something epic and melodic yet complex from a highly motivated band. Thaurorod directed all of their energies to create catchy, yet multifaceted tunes that will not tire after many listens. Even if you are not a fan of the Symphonic Epic Metal subgenre, this album will change your notion that this style is too damn cheery and cheesey.

The greatest examples of the band’s promise lies in the reflections of “Shadows And Rain”, and the closest thing to offering 80’s like tracks but with more filling, “Cursed In The Past”, “Upon Haunted Battlefields”, and “Tales Of The End”. This debut album is a hit machine and this band, if they keep up and further develop their skills and creative compositions, will surely be elevated to the top of the list of bands in their field.


Markku Kuikka – Vocals
Emil Pohjalainen – Guitar
Lasse Nyman – Guitar
Pasi Tanskanen – Bass
Emmi Taipale – Keyboards
Joonas Pykälä-aho – Drums


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