THY SYMPHONY – Harmonizing The World

THY SYMPHONY - Harmonizing The World
  • 5.5/10
    THY SYMPHONY - Harmonizing The World - 5.5/10


Sleaszy Rider Records
Release date: September 10, 2010

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Hailing from Brazil, Thy Symphony has issued a sign of positive images in the world of fantasy. Their theatrical features are strongly displayed through their debut release, Harmonizing The World. However, with the cheerful and romantic spirit of the theater and all, the band’s Neo-Classical approach didn’t make Harmonizing The World such a unique achievement.

While trying to run through the hills with speedy-like Power Metal, along with operatic and classical influences, the band skipped the importance of the production. Although the material always comes first, it seems that Thy Symphony didn’t care much for how their material should sound. On several songs, there is a lack of consistency regarding the mastering, and it is hard to catch some of the instruments (such as the guitars) especially when those sound very thin with no depth. The overly produced orchestra segments override the entire production, and also hurt the vocal lines. On most of this release, the orchestration unveils this album as more of a classical music feature than Metal.

Although most of the material on this release is rather generic, the work on the keyboards and orchestra was indeed impressive. But, creativity around the guitar sections provided by the lone guitarist, Cezar Raize, for the most part is non-existent and he tends to serve as an almost static rhythm section rather than as a strong leader. Thy Symphony should understand that strong orchestration and dual vocals aren’t the only answers to make a strong Melodic Metal album, even if Allan Ortona comes across impressively as a singer.

Overall, Thy Symphony has something to offer in Harmonizing The World with such tracks as “Pandora’s Box”, “Harmonizing The World”, “Eternal Life”, “Rising From The Sun”, and the impressive “Lords Of The Seas”. With those they showed that not everything is lost and they could still charge for a better form. Nevertheless, they should consider revising the production and making a difference in the role of their lead guitar player both on the material and the production setting.


Camila Senne – Vocals
Allan Ortona – Vocals
Marcello Valsesia – Keyboards
Cesar Raize – Guitars
Rene Labate – Bass
Mathew Liles – Drums


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