DEW-SCENTED – Immortelle (Reissue)

DEW-SCENTED - Immortelle (Reissue)
  • 7.5/10
    DEW-SCENTED - Immortelle (Reissue) - 7.5/10


Metal Mind Productions
Release date: September 2, 2010

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It seems that when the German veteran Thrash band Dew-Scented commenced their activities, the guys back then weren’t aiming to become the next modern Thrash band as they did in the first years of the new millennium. In fact their earlier 90s years were quite different. Metal Mind Productions, as a part of a multi re-release of Dew-Scented’s earlier albums, brings you a tough history lesson regarding one of Germany’s toughest bands. The first lesson is the band’s debut, Immortelle, marking the first in the series of the letter “I” in the band’s craze with that letter.

In the band’s first years, along with Immortelle and throughout debut version tracks taken from the band’s earlier demo tape Symbolization, classic semi-tech Death Metal was their major power play. In comparison to their energetic feel of the present, 1996’s Immortelle has mass resemblance and inspiration to Death’s 90’s musical features on albums such as Human, Individual Thought Patterns, and Symbolic, while slightly taking elements from 80s-90s Slayer. The perception was to take it slow, while crafting heaviness along with solo breaking moments. You won’t find too many melodies (also in the vocals section, which is rather raw and quite static on its rhythm occasionally), aside from several harmonies, yet, there is evidence of a will to be constructive and complex.

Through a pack of notable tracks like “Native Soul Venus”, “Theory Of Harmony”, the doomy “Black Is The Day”, “Unending”, and the dramatic “For You And Forever”, Dew-Scented tries to stay old school and break away from their Death image from time to time. However, overall, Immortelle, along with the Symbolization demo, marked Dew-Scented as an old school Death Metal act with several innovations. Overall, even the better tracks out of this album seem to be another continuation of Death’s work, a phenomenon that was pretty common even when Death existed and still remains nowadays (though in much smaller proportions).

Immortelle is surely not the Dew-Scented of today … in fact, it’s not Dew-Scented since 2000. Nonetheless, that period was somewhat interesting for the band and was an important stage in the band’s development.


  1. In Flames
  2. Silenced
  3. Black Is The Day
  4. Thirst For Sun
  5. Unending
  6. Afterlife / Afterlove
  7. .Yonder.
  8. Beloved Elysium
  9. For You And Forever
  10. Poets Of Dirt
  11. Native Soil Venus
  12. Theory Of HarmonyBonus Tracks:
  13. Poets Of Dirt (Demo)
  14. Black Is The Day (Demo)
  15. Immortelle (Demo)
  16. Unending (Demo)
  17. Native Soil Venus (Demo)
  18. Beloved Elysium (Demo)


Leif Jensen – Vocals
Jorg Szittnick – Guitars
Ralf Klein – Guitars
Patrick Heims – Bass
Tarek Stinshoff – Drums


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