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Release date: August 3, 2010

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These Italian Power/Prog Metal guys have been around a while.  They started in 2000, and by 2004 they were opening for bands like Helloween and Children of Bodom in Italy and collaborated with the first singer of Dream Theater, Charlie Dominici, on his O3 A Trilogy albums in 2006.

The album Sacrifice is their third album and is an important album for SolidVision.  They had to display a powerful piece of work to the European Power/Prog Metal-scene and prove they can be as iconic as their inspirations and, therefore, prove their right to existence.

Sacrifice starts with a dark and gloomy single cello, which provides great anticipation and is a common trademark for Power Metal albums.  Then, two hits on the ol’ hi-hat and they’re off into a well-arranged, pounding, progressive, and aggressive riff. A filtered voice appears and gives listeners a teaser of what the vocalist, Samuele Pintus, is capable of… and he does not disappoint throughout the album. Pintus has many similarities to other South European vocalists — a charming accent and the typical Italian vibrato — but he has his own approach so SolidVision still sounds unique.

Though the album starts off a little weak, the arrangements are good (but not amazing), so it’s recommended you give this album some time to sink in to capture the mood of the songs. The album has some great moments in the solos and in other parts, but it’s the mood that gives Sacrifice the extra weight to be a album worth listening to. Parallels can be drawn to American Prog’ers Dream Theater and to Melodic German masterminds Mob Rules, Italian Power masters Secret Sphere, and Cydonia, but in the end, SolidVision sounds like SolidVision.

Overall, a solid piece from SolidVision that will give them their right for existence in the Prog/Power Metal-world.

SolidVision lineup

Vocals, Samuele Pintus
Keyboard, Americo Rigoldi
Guitar, Brian Maillard
Bass, Lucio Mance
Drums, Yan Maillard


  1. The Waters Of The Oceans
  2. Freedom From Pain
  3. Apocalypse
  4. Millions Of People
  5. Shudders On My Back
  6. From Hell To Paradise
  7. New Emotion
  8. Memories
  9. Victim Dies In Vain
  10. Sacrifice For One Life
  11. Same Death


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