WINTERHORDE – Underwatermoon

WINTERHORDE - Underwatermoon
  • 9/10
    WINTERHORDE - Underwatermoon - 9/10


Twilight Vertrieb
Release date: July 30, 2010

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There aren’t many bands that can actually surge the mind and make a person think. Likewise, there aren’t many bands that agree on taking a road not many others will agree to take. Not always diverse is the solution to making something different, it’s the mixture with quality that counts in the end. As the world of Metal is overflowing with bands of various sub-genres and approaches, there is a small group of bands that really know how to use everything in the Metal arsenal. Bands, both classic and extreme, produce musical pieces that will carry on as milestones for times to come.

The Israeli Winterhorde is not a new Metal group; almost eleven years ago, under their previous name – Autumn Palace, they began their journey as a Black Metal band in the escalating local Extreme Metal scene of Israel. In the first years, they were just another ordinary Black Metal apparatus. Only on their first debut release, Nebula, there were the first signs of something special on the horizon. It seemed as if it was only a matter of time before the big bang.

In 2008, after switching two members (vocals and guitars), the band entered the studio recording their second album based on a story written by the band’s bass player Sascha Latman (a.k.a. Celestial). Triptikon, Dark Fortress and ex-Celtic Frost guitarist, V.Santura, managed the progress and handled the mixing/mastering in Germany. The outcome was the coming of the Underwatermoon album.

The story behind Underwatermoon is up to you to realize and comprehend on your own. This story will open up your imagination for boundless thinking. There are tons of choices to be made so go right ahead. As the story serves as a true complex aspect of Winterhorde’s creation, the music follows, hand in hand, with the story with one of the greatest showcases of high-quality multiplicity and variety.

Some would probably state that Winterhorde crossed the line of unconventional Metal music. In some circumstances, those individuals may be right. Still, after letting Underwatermoon sink in both skin and mind, many will be able to see that the Metal displayed here, however complex, unexpected and unusual, is pretty darn appealing and has a paved direction.

The music here, like on every act, is a compilation of influences of the musicians. Nevertheless, the difference from the majority of bands is that Winterhorde are hard to be labeled as a specific sub-genre band. Underwatermoon is definitely not Nebula, it is not raw Black Metal, Melodic Black or something close. The best definition of Winterhorde music is Extreme Progressive Metal, yet, this definition by far is also inaccurate. That is the magnificence of it and the mystery of it all.

The album ranges from Black Metal to various Rock variations and its creators let it all out when it came to the writing. The mixture of sub-genres is just amazing. As the concept flows, the meeting of classic and extreme is unavoidable. This is a sort of a twisted clash between Rock and Metal (modern and classic). Whether it is on the solos, riffages, type of vocals (clean and growls), grind drumming fractured by low tempo beats while not forgetting the unbelievable impressive keyboards that uphold the internal depth of great chronicle told. Up until the last breath of the hero, Winterhorde is full of surprises; however, it is easy to see that Extreme Metal is their guide; in spite of this, they know how to reach out and take everyone in their grasp.
Underwatermoon is a wonderful album and a great change of status for Winterhorde to an excellent layout. Maybe the only tiny flaw that is a bit bothersome is the matter of multi-vocal channeling (both growl and clean vocals).

Their second attempt on the Metal world turned out as something that is rarely seen. You will be able find many similarities to their kind of music, however only to fragments of it. There are not too many resemblances of the whole package to others and that is why this new release is a winner.

Highlights: You will have to listen to the whole concept to grasp the text behind it. If you are eager for the best those are: ”The Wreckage Ghost”, “Underwatermoon”, “Hunting The Human”, “Farewell”, “The Curse Of The Gypsy”, “Delirium”, “And Flames Wept To The Heaven”, “The Tenth Wave”.


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