EMPIRES OF EDEN – Reborn In Fire

EMPIRES OF EDEN - Reborn In Fire
  • 9/10
    EMPIRES OF EDEN - Reborn In Fire - 9/10


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Release date: July 16, 2010

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From the ideal point of view of the mastermind shred guitarist, Stu Marshall (Paindivision), hails the new project, Empires Of Eden. Actually, this project has been up since 2008 and a year later released its debut, Songs Of War And Vengeance through Activist Music. Now, as the heat of summer starts burning everyone alive, Metalheads are expected to be reborn with a new piece of existence, Reborn In Fire.

Empires Of Eden is not just a plain project, it is way more than that. If you are fans of Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia or any other “joint force of high skilled Metal voices”, you are in for something superb.

Stu Marshall, along with his drummer, Jason “Jasix” Manewell, brought over some of the best leading vocalists to help them record Reborn In Fire. As opposed to the first album, which included guest guitarists from all over the world, now it is time for the vocals to take their reign. As Marshall is a wonderful shred guitarist, this time he filled the position on his own as well as on the bass.

The swarm of vocalists consists of eight amazing veteran and young talents from the world of Heavy and Power Metal. These voices are Mike Vescera (Ex-Loudness, Obsession), Sean Peck (Cage), Zak Stevens (Ex-Savatage, Circle II Circle), Steve Grimmett (Ex-Grim Reaper, Lionheart, and Grimstine), Carlos Zema (Outworld) and three additional local Aussie talents, which served on the debut, in Chris Ninni, Louie Gorgievski and Mike Zoias. This mega combo, however not as experienced overall as the ones on Avantasia, has proven to be full of grace, and the outcome is something that will raise some eyebrows for the better.

An interesting factor on Reborn In Fire is the joint venture of Marshall and his guest vocalists, regarding working procedures. Each of the foreign vocalists wrote the lyrics, vocal melodies and asserted the aura for their songs. All of the musical verses had been written by Marshall and he adapted those to suit the wishes, styles and personalities of his star vocalists. Probably two of the most fitting examples for this adaptation are the tracks “Total Devastation” (featuring Sean Peck) and “Prognatus Ut Obscurum” (featuring Zak Stevens). Those two, especially the former, “Total Devastation”, which sounds exactly like a typical hammering Cage song. On the other hand, Zak Stevens arranged a sort of hybrid between later Savatage and his own Circle II Circle.

In general, this album presents the merits and amazing sounds of US driven Heavy and Power inflammations. Stu Marshall based the music on some nasty wild riffs, that with the addition of fine vocals, he molested his guitar to produce some squeaky resonances. As 80s Metal serves as his guiding light, Marshall was able to establish a true base for melodic Metal music and an Aussie base to counter the German all-star show of Tobias Sammet. Maybe the vocalists Marshall brought on board are not as veteran or famous as Sammet’s, yet, with the power of his music, they put up a good fight in the name of true Metal without stepping knee deep into modern elements. Even the young starlets as Ninni, Gorgievski and Zoias, show their worth for the second time working with Marshall. Those are the stars of the future melodic Metal scene, and they deserve major praises.

Highlights marked on the tracklist

1. Of Light And Shadows
2. Enter The Storm
3. Total Devastation
4. Prognatus Ut Obscurum
5. Reborn In Fire
6. Beyond Daybreak
7. Death Machine
8. Rising
9. Searching Within


Stu Marshall – Guitars, Bass
Mike Zoias – Vocals
Louie Gorgievski – Vocals
Chris Ninni – Vocals
Jason “Jasix” Manewell – Drums


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