GALLOWS END – Nemesis Divine

GALLOWS END - Nemesis Divine
  • 8/10
    GALLOWS END - Nemesis Divine - 8/10


Farvahar Records LLC
Release date: June 25, 2010

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Dedication to what is true in Metal is a highly known phenomenon. Since some artists are in opposition to the rise of Modern Metal, they opt to show the world what is right and should be protected. One Swedish guy named Thord Klarstrom probably thought the same. His answer was to set up an old school Heavy Metal band rooted deeply in the 80’s mold.

After self-recording his first demo, Klarstrom went on to form the rest of the band known as Gallows End. Two years later, Gallows End released their debut album Nemesis Divine through Farvahar Records. All the technical duties, including recording, mixing & amplification; mastering, were done by Klarstrom. Overall, he did a fine job capturing the 80’s sound and feeling.

The highly melodic (yet heavy) personality of Gallows End with respect to both the riffs and vocals, will eventually ensure them a high place on the Metal chain. Some of their melodies and top solos are a work of art as they keep the harmony of the 80’s alive. After listening to some of the songs such as “Nemesis Divine”, “Kingdom Of The Damned”, “No Return”, “The Unborn Flag”, and “Riders Of The North”, you will gloriously find that these tunes are flowing, catchy, and mostly sounding as if they were made twenty five years ago. Other good examples of their music capabilities come through in “Soul Collector”, “Not Your Own”, “Different Eyes”, and “Storm Of Fate”.

The direction of Gallows End, besides going over and over to the same Viking/Epic themes, is to be old school, melodic, and true to their Metal form while still being catchy and with good musical flow. Nemesis Divine is what Metal should come back towards. Classic or Extreme, the Swedes will lead the way.


  1. Nemesis Divine (Trial of the Gods)
  2. Soul Collector
  3. Kingdom of the Damned
  4. No Return
  5. The Curse
  6. Set the World in Flames
  7. Not Your Own
  8. Different Eyes
  9. The End
  10. The Unborn Flag
  11. Storm of Fate
  12. Riders of the North


Thord Klarström – Vocals, Guitar
Peter Samuelsson – Guitar
Niklas Nord – Bass
Mikael Karlsson – Drums


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