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Century Media
Release date: June 21, 2010

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The renegade angels from Spain did everything by themselves in order to achieve their goal. Their goal was to thrash and to thrash big time. For years they suffered the impotence of their local music scene in Albacete, however, after releasing three albums, which the new one will be on display here, you can say that they triumphed over the obstacles they faced.

Clockwork is the newfound work of the foursome crew. After two albums, which were released as self-releases, Angelus clinched a deal with the huge Century Media records for their new release. How did they do it? The facts are on the table. They are simply amazing in all aspects. Whether it is the displayed production or music, they have it all.

Clockwork, for the moment, is one of the greatest Thrash Metal albums of 2010. Moreover, this is not about an old band as the examples of Overkill, Heathen, Annihilator and Exodus, which released new albums this year, this is only a ten year running team.

There is no true secret why Clockwork is such an explosion of high magnitude. From the beginning of the instrumental “The Manhattan Project” until the last chords of the Iron Maiden cover, “Be Quick Or Be Dead”, it is all out war. Angelus’ knowledge and finesse on how to use their influences, which range from Iron Maiden (NWOBHM) through Bay Area Thrash to the Teutonic Destruction, is one of the major reasons for their destructive force. The notion that this band is from Spain is rather a surprise. You can easily put Angelus with the variety of American based Thrash bands. To be more accurate, you can put Angelus on top of many of those bands.

When it came down to quality of material and the outfit that channeled it, hardly many can put Angelus to a challenge. If you want sheer brutality, you have it. If you desire hard pumping riffs, you have it as well. Furthermore, their sound, however similar to other comeback bands and some of the new acts of Thrash, is a plain obsession. Bounded by their craving for the old school and their desire to follow the forerunners of Thrash (without copying them), Clockwork stands as a monument to the Thrash Metal fame. As almost every track is a gem on this album, the only thing left is to try to catch them live. It is going to be painful, yet to the positive side of soreness.

Steinmetal’s Highlights marked on Tracklist

  1. The Manhattan Project (Intro)
  2. Blast Off
  3. Of Men And Tyrants
  4. Clockwork
  5. Devil Take The Hindmost
  6. The Misanthropist
  7. Legally Brainwashed
  8. Get Out Of My Way
  9. My Insanity
  10. One Side War
  11. Into The Storm
  12. National Disgrace
  13. Be Quick Or Be Dead (Iron Maiden Cover)


Guillermo Izquierdo “Polako” – Guitar, Lead/Backing Vocals
David García – Guitar
Jose Izquierdo – Bass
Víctor Valera – Drums, Backing Vocals


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