ENFORCER – Diamonds

ENFORCER - Diamonds
  • 10/10
    ENFORCER - Diamonds - 10/10


Heavy Artillery / Earache Records
Release date: May 24, 2010

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“Diamonds Are Forever”, so it was announced on one of the James Bond movies bearing the same name. It is rather early this year to pick a diamond and strong runner for the album of the year. However, for now, here it is people, Diamonds, released under Earache and Heavy Artillery Records, made by the hands of the Swedish group, Enforcer.

Two years have passed after they mesmerized fans with their debut, Into The Night, and now they are back again with a mega-album that should be in line with the best Metal albums of all time. Without surrendering themselves to trends, once again Enforcer kept on doing what they did best since they started and that is old school fashioned NWOBHM with Speed Metal elements as a filling. Diamonds presents Enforcer on their peak performance to date.

Manned with the same line-up (plus an extra guitarist), under the leadership of their vocalist/producer, Olof “Enforcer” Wikstrand, the material is no less than perfect. It seemed like Enforcer knew just how to touch the hearts of old Metalheads when they brought back the vintage sound of true, well made, British Metal. This kind of release can surely mean that the Metal flag went to Sweden as it is a Metal superpower. In fact, Enforcer set free another strong reminder for the Brits to get back to melodies, Marshall Amps and the right attitude to regain the fame they once had. Diamonds is a lesson to all that adore Metal on its spread of colors. The ultimate recommendation is to always trust the roots and it is never too late to go back to what made this genre what it is today.

Enforcer defied modernity with amazing songs under a certain consciousness that will send you, again, back in time to the first Metal years of 1980-1983. Their material continues the early compositions constructed by amazing melodic attractions, Speed Metal menace, high-pitched vocals that would make you shed a tear and a Maiden-ish dominant bass line. Even if it is not the heaviest thing around, and it is not, it still has the same wonderful feeling as it was almost thirty years ago. Hairball John’s show bore the title:“The Past Is Back To Kick Your Ass”, that is certainly what Enforcer did to today’s Metal.

Hearing heart breaking tracks as “Nightmares”, “Katana”, “Midnight Vice”, “Running In Menace”, are only the edge of what is waiting for you on Diamonds. Heavy, Speed, NWOBHM, 80’s madness, this is what those Swedes are fighting for. If you know how to appreciate old school British Metal, your jaw will drop after the first spin of forty minutes of sheer delight. Take a bow, receive your Enforcer now, and remember that this diamond, until other bands will say otherwise, is the album of the year!

Highlights: who really needs to find them, it is an all out Metal fricking spree of greatness.


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