CHRIS LANEY – Only Come Out At Night

CHRIS LANEY - Only Come Out At Night
  • 7/10
    CHRIS LANEY - Only Come Out At Night - 7/10


Metal Heaven
Release date: May 7, 2010

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Never come out of Polar? Producer/songwriter Chris Laney keeps busy as aside of producing other bands at Polar studios in Stockholm where he resides, he pulls out his guitar and cranks the tunes that attest to Only Come Out At Night; this sophomore release sees an unleashing just some thirteen months following his debut solo outing, Pure.

As much as Only Come Out At Night works as companion to its predecessor, its also very much a different animal altogether, with parts of the Rock out attitude that pretty much consisted of Pure, there’s also more varied elements included this time around. The title track is probably as perfect an example as anything of Laney’s ability to lend bombastic production to Hard Rock cemented in its foundation, whilst a more melodic stance than perhaps ever before can be heard in “One Kiss Tonight” and “B4 It’s Too Late”.

Listeners will recognize typical Laney traits in the frenzied “Gotta Run” as well as the punchy “I Had Enuff”, material very much reminiscent of that on Pure. Simultaneously, Laney’s eagerness to branch out as songwriter is more evident in places; the 70’s-akin’ “Day Dream” where he shares the mic with Electric Boys front man Conny Bloom works well, while “Rockstar” sounds uncomfortable in places despite its underlaying heaviness.

Though (just) slightly mixed, overall on Only Come Out At Night, Laney again impresses by bringing newness through in songwriting to his obvious influences.


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