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Ulterium Records
Release date: April 23, 2010

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Audiovision was first introduced to the Metal world as a side project created by the brilliant vocalist, Christian Rivel-Liljegren. However, after his departure from the recently split Narnia and the break-up of Divinefire, Audiovision seemed to be elevated into first base as a full time band. Five years passed after the band’s debut, The Calling, and now they are back with Focus under their local label, Ulterium Records.

Essentially, Audiovision kept its focus on the same theme that ruled Rivel-Liljegren’s religious point of view. The result is a good Christian Metal album bounded by the roots of 80s and 70s Heavy Metal. The written material is flowing, simple to maintain and enjoyable to listen. On the majority of the tunes, Rivel-Liljegren chose to spread out gospel while using catchy elements as simple classic riffs and catchy choruses in order to inflict a certain aura that will keep one captivated or enlightened.

The album’s greatest achievements are the quality production/mixing and mastering made by Erik Mårtensson and Micke Lind. The rather diverse guitar sound, ample beats and general feeling, presented Focus as not a sole core for merely Heavy Metal (there are tendencies of Hard Rock and Power Metal). Other than that, Audiovision had the means to create great Christian hits. Rivel-Liljegren’s experience helped create an easy way to understand and enjoy the melodic, yet, powerful tunes. Like on other American Christian Metal, which had its share of heavy hitters, so it goes with the Swedes. This is the same formula under a different country’s flag.

With that same formula, comes a bit of a problem. Although most of the tracks are very good and great attractions, there is a bit of a problem with originality. However, it is rather hard to be original while focusing on almost a single topic, as on other single-themed Metal bands as War Metal bands. Nevertheless, Audiovision entered a bit of Rock like salute to their songs in order to maybe try to make a difference. Yet, that difference came right back to the main title. After so many gospel Metal tunes, European and American, Audiovision did no different. In comparison to Rivel-Liljegren’s mates’ band Hero, the music may be more energetic and trouble free, yet, it keeps on repeating the similar stuff as before.

Audiovision’s Focus is a must have album not exclusively for ones who dig Christian Metal. If you take the Christianity stuff away, you are looking at a worthy 80s/70s style Heavy Metal onslaught going hand in hand with the ancient flame. There are heavy, soft, melodic gripping heart breaking solos to blazing speedsters. This one is all you can eat.
Highlights: “Keep The Fire Burning”, “Invitation”, “You Are The Reason”, “The Son Will Come”, “I Will Belong To You”, “The Gate”, “We Are Not Alone”.


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