WICCA – Bloodrush

WICCA - Bloodrush
  • 7.5/10
    WICCA - Bloodrush - 7.5/10


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Release date: April 9, 2010

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1989 gave birth to a debut of Thrash Metal sensations. The album, Splendid Deed, was released by the German old school Thrash Metal thrill, Wicca. However, after Splendid Deed entered the minds of many crazy thrashers worldwide, Wicca turned to silence and everything concerning them went numb. What happened? You will just have to ask the band if you are so interested. The fact is, that Thrash, after its better years, yet lost another act.

After twenty years, Wicca popped out and worked on a comeback album. Yes, just as if they did not go away in the first place. Bloodrush, the official rejoiner of Wicca with the Metal world, saw light in the first days of April. In general, it is nice to hear a kind of an old school production yet again in 2010. The truth is that it is rather frustrating to hear the same modern comeback thrashers, although some of them released good stuff. Here we are seeing a different approach. However their form is incomplete, Wicca touched something with their old school mongering. Despite their efforts, Bloodrush is not what you would call a true comeback release.

There is no more need to do comparisons to other comeback artists, aside from the production issue, which was discussed earlier. Wicca tried their best to stay old school on almost all counts. You can say that they completed this mission with excellence. Nevertheless, they forgot something on their way back to the Thrash notion. Bloodrush, as a nice memorabilia to a glorious past, got stuck a bit, especially in the front line, which is the vocal section.

The ongoing music, yet a bit repetitive and not always exciting as it used to be, which is not that big of a deal, is beating just as old school has to sound and feel like. Nevertheless, what about setting some ground rules for the vocals? It is like the lead vocalist, Olymp, was not that innovative when it came to writing the rhythm for the vocal line. Moreover, there are too many mementos on the tunes, which sound as if those were the same song. Gladly the music covers differently behind more than once.

Wicca is a good mix of American and German Thrash Metal. Made in Germany, they knew how to implement acts as Sodom and Tankard to the side of a Bay Area kind of Thrash. Bloodrush, however not as good as their debut, came out solid for these guys. They still know how to Thrash and chose an amazing production unit to help them make their step back into the moshpit. Bloodrush is only the beginning, with a bit of work, the next newborn of Wicca will be devastating.

Steinmetal’s highlights on the tracklist

  1. Hellcome
  2. Sadsong
  3. Tongue Of Confusion
  4. Oppression
  5. Mega City
  6. Disneyland
  7. Bloodrush
  8. Generations Talk
  9. Psychic Warfare
  10. Pull Down The Wall


Olymp a.k.a. Pädde – Vocals
Robby Schmidt – Guitar
Martin Schlegel – Guitar
Angus – Bass
Mario – Drums


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