FRACTURE – Dominate And Overload

FRACTURE - Dominate And Overload
  • 9/10
    FRACTURE - Dominate And Overload - 9/10


Self release
Release date: April 10, 2010

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9.5/10 (1 vote)

Fracture is a Norwegian Heavy Metal band that’s been around since 2005. They’ve spent their time hitherto writing songs and playing live. Their greatest achievement so far is playing at Wacken Open Air in 2007. Now it’s time for the Norwegian quintet to release their long awaited debut album, Dominate And Overload.

The music is heavy and has some progressive elements, in the form of different time structures. But the band has really distanced themselves from the usual Progressive Power Metal bands that rule Norway, by detaching the mandatory keyboard and replacing it with another heavy guitar. Sure, they’ve used keyboard intros and keyboard elements to enhance their sound a bit in a few places, but that’s got more to do with soundscaping than keyboard-wanking. Fracture sounds a bit like Mercenary at times because of their heavy sound, and lack of keyboards, but where Mercenary lean towards Death Metal, Fracture lean more towards the traditional Heavy Metal sound. And on top of all this heavy riffing is found the clean voice of singer Pål Strand.

Strand has a very versatile voice and he manages both high pitched and mid-range singing. For instance the song ”Apple Of Eden” has him sounding like a perfect mix of Jeff Martin (Racer X, Leatherwolf) and Rob Halford (Judas Priest), while the song ”Wavemaster” sounds like a much heavier version of something from the Norwegian Hard Rock band TNT, much due to Pål Strand’s similarities to Tony Mills’ style of singing.

The songs are thoroughly worked out, and though perhaps the first part of the album is the best part, the rest aren’t just fillers. It’s Fracture exploring different aspects of their sound. The interaction between guitars and bass is dead tight and the drums are just massive, and really complete the band’s heavy sound. Though they are obviously talented musicians, this isn’t about showing off; it’s about massive Heavy Metal. The highlights, if it’s possible to single them out, are “Sulphur Preacher,” “Apple Of Eden,” “Wavemaster” and the title track “Dominate And Overload.”

There are twin-guitar harmonies, heavy riffing with double kick-drum poundings, technical guitar solos and clean guitar playing backed up by a heavy bass here. The songs are diverse and you don’t go bored listening to this album. Dominate And Overload has been mixed and mastered by the band’s own guitarist Wegard Golebiowski. Golebiowski has done a great job here. The mix is clean enough to hear every instrument when needed, and muddy enough for the riffs to hit you in the face with a sound so massive and tight that you get chills down your spine. And the drums haven’t sounded as monstrous as this since the 80s. That’s meant as a compliment.

In an ideal music world this band would have been signed with one of the biggest labels within the genre, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. The guys are currently on the lookout for a label to release their music. It’s a recommended purchase for anyone who’s into Heavy Metal, in all its forms. After listening to Dominate And Overload any listener will eagerly await the next move from Fracture.


Lars Stian Havraas – Bass
Per Morten Bergseth – Drums
Jostein Thomassen – Guitars
Wegard Golebiowski – Guitars
Pål Strand – Vocals


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