DISDAIN – Leave This World

  • 9/10
    DISDAIN - Leave This World - 9/10


Scarlet Records
Release Date: March 15, 2010

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Disdain proved to the Metal world that the reins of True Metal shifted from US/Britain to Sweden. Over the years, as the USA became modernized with Hardcore while Britain, which since the glorious NWOBHM and a minor Thrash front, didn’t show much opened the doors to Sweden who took over and became one of Metal’s premier six-pounders.
After the great success of Gothenburg’s Melodic Death Metal outbreak of the early 90’s, 80’s influenced Heavy Metal made its comeback through rising bands as Dream Evil, Hammerfall, Evergrey and the newcomer Enforcer. Once again, after taking a rather extreme form, the Swedish scene became balanced in a way. There is Heavy Metal for everyone.

So what is so special about Disdain and their new album Leave This World? Maybe it is because they were able to use a melodic form of Metal, which rather sounds as Heavy Metal mixed with Melodic Death Metal, and come up with hitters? Maybe it is because they have a mounting talented vocalist, which once was the band’s drummer and presents a wild mix of Cans and Dickinson? Or is it just the fact that they have the capability to deliver overall great Heavy Metal merchandise, even if it sounds modern? Generally, all the answers are right in this case.

Leave This World, released under the band’s new label, Scarlet Records, is tough, yet deep and an emotive sort of an album. With the might of the music, there are other elements such as the melodic, touching vocals and synth, which soften the beatings. All together those were gripped by a pompous production that awarded depth and supremacy to the Gothenburg modern sound. It is not that the hammering riffs are harmful in any way; it is the contrast between the two that makes this one appealing, musically speaking to say the least. As for the songs, catchiness is no alien for the band, in order to proclaim a status, the band started off with something easy to distribute to their future fans. They kept the material as flowing and simple as they could. Of course there are those melodic lead guitar spots, where complexity is needed, yet the main riffs presented are “easy to reach” for headbangers.

Coming from a town that reshaped and inserted melody into Death Metal, it felt like there is a debt to pay. Disdain made their tribute to the once powerful scene that went sour a bit in the past ten years. Even on a couple of occasions, you may hear the vocalist, Christian Borjesson, barks out a few impressive growls which fit well to the power riffs. Without a doubt, Disdain marked their respects to what their country can release and with Leave This World, they built a marvelous foundation for a refined expectation.

Highlights: Though rather catatonic, in several places, and quite negative in nature, this can be the only turnout from this album. The best tracks are highlighted on the album’s track list. Don’t be wrong; listen to the entire album to insure whole enjoyment.


  1. Leave this World 04:17
  2. Rising 05:05
  3. You and I 03:51
  4. Memories 05:24
  5. Scarred 04:36
  6. The Black Hour 04:19
  7. Narrow Minded 05:23
  8. Nine Lives Spent 03:51
  9. Leaping Cat 04:52
  10. Revelation 06:16


Christian Börjesson – Vocals
Johnny Johansson – Guitar
Gunnar Härd – Guitar
Fredrik Ljung – Bass
Johan Dirfors – Drums
Fredrik Johansson – Synth


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