MORTEMIA – Misere Mortem

MORTEMIA - Misere Mortem
  • 8/10
    MORTEMIA - Misere Mortem - 8/10


Napalm Records
Release date: February 24, 2010

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The founder of Norway’s famous Sirenia wanted to express himself on his own and formed his own Symphonic Gothic Metal sideshow of Mortemia. With his own written material, guitarist/vocalist Morten Veland dropped something that has similarities with his past experiences with Sirenia and Tristania, yet, with his own good flavor of preferences.

Mortemia’s debut album Misere Mortem presents nine volumes of Veland’s own creation as an all around instrument machine. As many other examples in Metal, Veland chose to take Mortemia on his own as he handled all the instruments, including the vocals. With his full share of the musical department, Veland also produced the album with top-notch rating as every instrument is noticeable. Moreover, the pitch-black dramatic feel all over Misere Mortem is felt right through. At least when it came to the mastering, he used the services of Mika Jusslia.

Misere Mortem has lots of potential as a melancholic Metal album. It’s not just about depression with doom like inspirations. Veland expressed melancholia with his mixture of past endeavors. The album is like the symphonic version of both Tristania and Sirenia. However, on his own, Veland created a newfound emplacement for both bands. The usage of operatic effects of full custom choirs, usual female vocal additions and his masterful growl voice are compelling. Besides that, the music itself is very interesting. From classical pieces to Gothic/Death Metal heavy riffs and charming lead guitar solos, it is a good Gothic Metal turnout.

Nevertheless, when being introduced to the tracks, one will have a fair share of opinions. On its whole, Misere Mortem is a good album and its tracks present a theater of dramatics. However, aspects such as repeating patterns of songs and even almost the same lines of lead guitar tunes, made a part of them identical. Although the album seems like a concept theater show, and maybe the patterns should have something in common, the feeling is that it is like listening to the same tunes just in different variations. As for the guitars, it is a bit dissimilar. The lead guitars and solos are very good and express great emotions. The reality that there are similarities between them may be good for some listeners who liked the prototype to begin with.

Misere Mortem a promising mythical release of Gothic Metal as it holds aggression, tragedy and soft atmosphere with the same tight grip. It’s delivered tracks as the first single and video, “The One I Once Was”, shows Veland as a great form of European Metal. His past experiences made him learn other elements in order to write his own adaptation of Extreme Gothic Metal. The learning was worth it. His debut album is the breaking step for a one man demonstration of talent. On the other hand, not every single number on this one is an impressive listener; yet, the created aura and several other musical elements help while observing through every track.

Mortemia is a sort of a comeback of the non-pop existing Gothic music. This is strong and harsh Metal, yet, still delivering the true essence of that not so young sub-genre.

Highlights: “The One I Once Was”, “The Pain Infernal and the Fall Eternal”, “The Vile Bringer of Self-Destructive Thoughts”, “The Chains That Wield My Mind” and “The Wheel of Fire”.


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