DESTINITY – XI Reasons To See

DESTINITY - XI Reasons To See
  • 8/10
    DESTINITY - XI Reasons To See - 8/10


Lifeforce Records
Release date: February 22, 2010

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It’s hard to truly define the French Destinity. The fact that they sail between the sub-genres of Extreme Metal is the main reason why one will have a hard time labeling them. Of course, one can easily mark these guys as another modern Thrash/Death Metal band. In addition to the plain recognition, if one has a vast knowledge of the French Metal scene, Destinity will be just another shard of that world. A sphere followed by the same bombastic production, new age growls, beats and kickdowns. However, the reason that Destinity is a step ahead of many bands on their local scene, and even beyond, is because that since their formation in the mid 1990’s, they have tried to re-discover themselves more than once. Their re-discoveries were made a reality as they switched to a dissimilar Extreme view.

Through their current seven-album career, Destinity turned out to be not just the typical modernized Thrash/Death Metal act, they harbor Black, Symphonic and Death Metal influences that came along with their new Thrash Metal outbursts. For that matter, think about an unresolved version of the Polish Vader. It will give you a sort of direction to where this band’s music is going. Overall, it is a modern based band, but if you pinpoint and concentrate on the tracks you would find that something slightly different lies beneath the harsh surface.

XI Reasons To See can be brutal and be a savage release. Nevertheless, not that it can be soft, it almost be melodic (or at least with some reminders of melodies) with a sort of catchiness in several areas. The foremost aspects of the album, from this end, are the drumming, ambiance and diverse vocal styles.

First, the drumming, the only word that can describe it is – WOW!!! It’s not just because it’s faster than a loose bullet, it’s because it’s ultimately varied. Every punch and every grind on its path means war. This kind of drumming makes your heart bleed from appreciation.

Second, there is the atmosphere, an attribute that with it Destinity changed their sceneries around the album.

Third, and last, it’s the vocals, made by Mick. You have to give it to the man, a talented growler with ample range of low, high, mid growl styles. Moreover, his raspy tone (almost clean shaved yet still filthy) is not so bad at all.

Beyond the screaming vocals, speed, guitar/bass grooves (and what do you know, also some solos) and harmonic keys lay a pleasant album to keep you awake even if you are dead tired. No dull moment here folks, XI Reasons To See will give 11 reasons to take a listen to this band (and you don’t have to write them down).

After dissecting the band, there are the tunes. Although some of them will sound quite familiar to you because, as said earlier, you can still call Destinity another Thrash/Death Metal band of the modern age, this album will offer you its share of talent.

Highlights recognized were “Self Lies Addiction”, “To Touch The Ground”, the best of “Got Smile Sticking”, “Silent Warfare”, “Your Demonic Defense” and “A Dead Silence”. Those will let you have, occasionally, the band’s blend of Extreme style as Extreme music is their main trait. Expect this one to be brutal, unmerciful, yet, it has sparks of something older than the band itself.


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