JAYCE LANDBERG – Good Sleepless Night

JAYCE LANDBERG - Good Sleepless Night
  • 8/10
    JAYCE LANDBERG - Good Sleepless Night - 8/10


Escape Music
Release date: February 19, 2010

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From a guy, that originally didn’t wish to play on any sort of musical instrument, Erik Jayce Landberg came out as a rather talented guitarist playing a melodic kind of Hard Rock. For the start of 2010, this guy released his second album, Good Sleepless Night. A second album under Escape Music and the continuing work with the fit singer, Goran Edman (known from Vindictiv, Malmsteen and John Norum’s solo project).

With simple riffs driven from the 80s and early 90s, Landberg dropped emotive solo streaks that seemed unlike the speedy type shredders’ fashion. Landberg’s method of playing/writing is rather more similar to guitarists such as John Norum of Europe while having some distinctions to George Lynch of Dokken and Lynch Mob. Similar to Lynch, Landberg likes the touch of cool effects, e.g. the flanger, at his side to enhance his solo breaks.

Landberg’s material on this release turned out quite sleazier than the debut. However, he still kept a steady sense of tenderness on his side. Here there are direct and dirty written lyrics that pretty much set the truth at one’s face. Occasionally, when such direct manner appears, one can’t engrave something that is ugly or spoiling into something beautiful and inspiring. As proof you have “The Bitch Is Back”, “Drama Queen”, “All I Wanna Do Is U” and “Crazy Lorraine”. No fakes, hiding or naivety with Landberg’s stuff, those songs seem to be about real life situations, yet without trying to minimize the negativity of things (if they exist).

As for the music, this is another 80s – 90s inspired Hard Rockin’ outline with soft heaviness that created the interest in Landberg’s crescendos. You can weigh Landberg’s release against early releases of John Norum and late releases of Dokken. Songs as “Invasion” (with the guest appearance of Mark Boals at the vocals),”The Devil’s Wine”, instrumental “Sun Dance” and some of the already mentioned tracks, are catchy and straightforward. Besides that, those created a harmonic blanket of softer, distorted, non-complex rhythms with excellent vocals. However, Landberg shows a pretty identical pattern on his guitar rhythms and there are quite enough examples of the likeliness between them. Nevertheless, Landberg wrote enjoyable riffs that every 80s fan would love to listen.

Jayce Landberg is not what you would call a world class surprise; he is a guitarist among a scene filled with talents. His new album is a fine addition to such a panorama. With the help of Goran Edman, an experienced vocal man and the good guest addition of Mark Boals and bassist Mat Leven (Europe), Good Sleepless Night is a well-done product of guitar driven Hard Rock.


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