ASTRAL DOORS – Requiem Of Time

ASTRAL DOORS - Requiem Of Time
  • 8.5/10
    ASTRAL DOORS - Requiem Of Time - 8.5/10


Metalville Records
Release date: January 29, 2010

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Ever get the need for some good old Rainbow albums of the Dio era? Would you like to feel the ultimate flame of Heavy Metal guided by the elderly encouragement of the genre’s father – Classic Rock? To answer the inquiries and wishes you would have to tune in and take a few spins of some Astral Doors albums. In particular their new gift for 2010 and that is their new album, fifth in number, Requiem Of Time. Astral Doors, as on all of their albums yet especially most noted on this album, send the message out to support Heavy Metal/Rock as those are the true forms of music worth living and fighting for. On all counts, and after listening to their piece numerous times, it’s worth it.

This new album is just another reminder that Astral Doors set a certain standard for how to play Classic Hard Rock, 70’s and premature 80’s style nowadays. Moreover, with their explosive sound production that made them, besides being in love with the older eras where kings as Rainbow, Deep Purple and Black Sabbath reigned, even more dedicated to spread the true form of Heavy Metal melded with Hard Rock. Largely, and especially with the heavy role of the dominant vocalist, Nils Patrick Johansson, who is like the second generation of the mighty Dio (may he pull through from his cancer as soon as possible), Astral Doors is the answer for the prayers of all who wished to relive the spikes and fame of 70’s and early forms of 80’s classic Heavy Metal. Judging by the never ending strains of riffs made by Metal and Rock, unforgettable tempos made of steel, in and out astounding keyboards meddling just like in the 70’s and the most recognizable set of vocals that won’t let you forget from where this music really came from. It is safe to say that whoever had those mentioned prayers might be blown away by Requiem Of Time.

Astral Doors recreate more or less the same identical riffage of past times. On several moments they seem to be a bit parallel to each other or simply just a bit of “too much crossing the line”, for example the track “Metal DJ” (A nice tribute to some great older titles , yet it’s not that ticking as the astonishers that will be mentioned), they still provided the listeners with means of excitement from their own admiration for this kind of music.

Since their earlier stages, back in 2002, they took the auras of bands that were merely touched by Dio and perfected the new age form of older material as they performed on amazing tracks as “When Darkness Comes” (a true Dio / Black Sabbath track that is simply unforgettable both lyrically and musically), “St Peter’s Cross” (Another Sabbathical mid to slow tempo smasher), “Testament Of Rock” (All for Rock N’ Roll and all for Heavy Metal, it’s like the new version of “Long Live Rock N’ Roll” made by early Rainbow), “Anthem Of The Dark” (True darkness of Heavy Metal), “Blood River” (Dio all over again with sheer class), “Power And Glory” (Because this is what Metal / Hard Rock are all about, let the classic win the battle).

The battle for classic Metal still rages on as bands such as Astral Doors, with modernized means at their disposal, fight against the mainstream to show a better way and how to really appreciate the better form of music. Taste is a factor, yet it’s a better taste of Rockin’ Metal. Check out the new Astral Doors on Metalville Records and you will be an eyewitness to the right way.


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