101 SOUTH – No U-Turn

101 SOUTH - No U-Turn
  • 7/10
    101 SOUTH - No U-Turn - 7/10


AOR Heaven
Release date: November 20, 2009

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101 South is an American AOR band run by Roger Scott Craig and Gregory Lynn Hall, alongside a handful of session musicians.

101 South takes you on a nostalgic trip way back to the AOR scene of the 80s. ”When You’re In Love” is a very atmospheric tune drifting away upon the keyboards that is the very foundation of the song. It’s indeed a catchy tune with a pretty simple chorus. It’s simple but it works for sure. The following song is a much better one than the opener. It is also very atmospheric and simple. Somehow it sounds like it could have come from the legendary Magnum Record On A Storyteller’s Night, released in 1985. Maybe because of the chorus and the vocal harmonies. They keep the atmospheric mood in the third song too. ”Lonely Heart” is indeed true to its genre and is quite a typical Power Ballad because it has been done a million times before during the 80s. It could easily be a single to front the album.

The rest of the album follows the same path. There is nothing really special about this release. It’s just an average record among many that will be forgotten soon after its release. Much of this is because of the unoriginal song material and a very monotone vocalist that definitely doesn’t lift the songs. Instead he puts you in some kind of trance with his tired voice.

The guitar players however put forth a great effort on this record, all four of them. They lift the album for sure, it’s quite delightful listening to their playing. The production is fine. Not over produced, just somewhere between “much” and “little”.

The conclusion; if you’re looking for a kickass album this would not be the one for you. But if you are passionately interested in soft AOR music, then do not hesitate in purchasing this album.


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