SATYROS – A Day Of Rain

SATYROS - A Day Of Rain
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    SATYROS - A Day Of Rain - 7/10


Release date: November 15, 2009

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The German Satyros presents a rather nice brand of Melodic extreme Metal. As you check these guys out, don’t be fooled by their corpse painted faces. Their style is different than it looks.

Satyros are a good mixture of Melodic Death/Black Metal with a variety of Heavy Metal riffages and breaking moments. Their new demo/EP,A Day Of Rain, emphasized it quite well. This release consists of four tracks of coldness followed by intensified human emotion. In comparison to the Norwegian extreme Metal scene, this little feature assumed the roles of a Heavy Metal album with extreme features. However, in the bottom line, only half of this number really inspired to keep on searching for more from the band.

It seems that Satyros attempted to perform a sort of a tryout with their music. At first, they tried to demonstrate rawness with their first track “Purify”. Then, on their second track “Moments Of Mine”, they tried to bring order to their music and unleash other elements to make their first endeavor a little more impressive such as melodic lead guitar riffs. When it came down to the second half of the album, with “Traumhallen” and “Lost In Grey”, something changed. These two tracks, especially the third, might sound as if Satyros went wild again. Nevertheless, the opening theater can be elusive. The result is a duo of tracks full of suspense, which even with the low quality production might sound rather solid to the ears. After the last track, “Lost In Grey”, Satyros showed that there is a future to look up to.

As far as their poor production goes, it is hard to judge the purpose of this release. Whether it is official or not, it seems that all the band wanted to do was to show some new material two years after their debut album. The only comments left for this production are the way back vocals, inconsistency on the guitar sound on the first tracks and the barely noticeable drums. Other than that, it is positive that on an official release, this band will go far on producing it. Rawness is not the answer, although it has its advantages.

It must be acknowledged that “Lost In Grey” must define the band’s next efforts. It is just great. Damn, those are amazing solos on this one!

Steinmetal’s highlights Marked on the tracklist

  1. Purify
  2. Moments of Mine
  3. Traumhallen
  4. Lost in Grey


Cerberus (Matthias) – Lead/Backing Vocals
Nihil (Andreas) – Guitar, Bass, Programming
Hiem (André) – Guitar, Backing Vocals


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