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Release Date: November 9, 2009

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The pioneers of Norwegian Progressive/Power Metal, Pagan’s Mind, are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year, and what better way to celebrate a ten year anniversary then to release their first ever live DVD?

The DVD was released September 14th in Norway and November 9th in all other countries. Live Equation consists of two discs where the first is a live concert, filmed at Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway on November 1st 2008, and the other consists of bonus material.

The concert at Rockefeller Music Hall lasts approximately one hour and thus not the longest show you’ll ever see. However, the band has put so much effort into this hour that you’ll be satisfied no matter what. The relationship between the band and the photographers seems a little nervous at first, and there are few ballsy movements by the cameras. But towards the ending of the third song of the set, “United Alliance,” we see great chemistry forming. The next, “Atomic Firelight,” is perhaps the best filmed song of the set. The band gives everything and the photographers are right where the action is and got everything on tape. From here on it’s only a pleasure to watch and listen and the photographers have really captured Pagan’s Mind at their best.

Vocalist Nils K. Rue is really at his prime on this fateful night. He sings his heart out and manages to keep the crowd on their toes through the entire set. The set is dominated by songs from their latest release God’s Equation (2007), but classic Pagan’s Mind songs like “The Prophecy Of Pleiades,” “Enigmatic Mission” and “Through Osiris’ Eyes” is of course among the great moments of this concert.

The band is tight as hell and at times guitar and keyboard journey out on fast, synchronized solo missions, like the one on “Through Osiris’ Eyes.” There are no hit and miss here, and the collaboration between guitarist Jørn Viggo Lofstad and keyboardist Ronny Tegner is irreproachable. The same goes for the rhythm section with bass player Steinar Krokmo and drummer Stian Kristoffersen. But those two groupings aren’t that separated. For instance check out Krokmo and Tegner’s synchronized jazz like part underneath Lofstad’s tap solo on “Coming Home/Exploring Life.”

Disc two contains bonus material such as live footage from Progpower USA and the release party for God’s Equation in Skien, Norway, live footage from a Pagan’s Mind rehearsal and half an hour of amateur footage from Pagan’s Mind’s European tour. The live footage doesn’t have the best sound you’ll ever hear, but it’s interesting to see the band on various stages. Their live performance seems irreproachable and the fans seem satisfied. The footage from the rehearsal underlines the perfectionism of the band. It’s almost too perfect, and they seem dead tight. If you watch the entire “The 2008 Bootleg Medley” then you are a trooper. The entire segment is filmed with amateur camera and the sound is so-so. When you’ve seen ten minutes you’ve seen it all, because it’s pretty much the same all the way; live footage from various stages across Europe. It must be said that this part of the DVD is for hard core fans only.

All in all this is a very fine release. Pagan’s Mind are at their prime now, and this DVD shows just that. For fans of Progressive Metal or Melodic Metal in general this DVD is money well spent.

Live Equation – Disc 1

Live at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway

  1. The Conception
  2. God’s Equation
  3. United Alliance
  4. Atomic Firelight
  5. The Prophecy Of Pleiades
  6. Search For Life
  7. Coming Home/Exploring Life
  8. Hallo Spaceboy (David Bowie cover)
  9. Enigmatic Mission
  10. Through Osiris’ Eyes
  11. Alien Kamikaze

Live Equation – Disc 2:

Live at Progpower USA

  1. New World Order
  2. Aegean Shores
  3. Supremacy, Our Kind

Live at Ibsenhuset, Skien, Norway

  1. Farewell
  2. Osiris’ Triumphant Return

The rehearsal tapes

  1. Of Epic Questions
  2. Resurrection (Back In Time)
  3. The Celestine Prophecy
  4. The Seven Sacred Promises

The 2008 Bootleg Medley

1 ½ hours on the road


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