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Release date: November 3, 2009

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As if they were spat straight from the 80s with a younger image, Judgment Hammer from the US, have taken their charge with the undeniable force of True Heavy Metal meets Speed Metal. These guys, back in November, presented their debut album, Arbiter Of Fate, an album that brought back a lot of memories from the NWOBHM era and the beginning of Speed/Thrash Metal in the US.

With a rather simple and plain production and a charged Marshall amp like sound, this band attempted to recapture the finer moments of what the 80’s had to offer. By using uncomplicated structures filled with speedsters and power chord mayhem, they were able to make a worthy statement to the modern world; however, things could have been better for the foursome crew (earlier named “The Four Horsemen”).

Creating rather basic material is fine and amazing, if you can color it right, yet there are also shortcomings such as repetitiveness, too far stretched holes that even the semi-melodies can’t handle and sow, and for the last there is the sense of “gee it’s good to hear this stuff again, yet this is just too identical to something heard a lot before”.

Judgment Hammer attacks here and there with enjoyable killers as “Join Or Die”, “Brazen Serpent” and the interesting figure of “Thicker Than Water”, but they have done enough in order to uplift their 80s enhancer to a strong stance. With the simplicity, which they seem to abide and count on, they needed to enter a bit of unexpected moments to capture new Metalheads and even the oldest ones just as early Heathen did on their classic debut album, Breaking The Silence (1987).

Involving the old and loved NWOBHM with early Speed Metal is a blessing, however bands of nowadays should try and make it more than just basic. Arbiter Of Fate is a nice start for the newly emerged Judgment Hammer and they should stick to their style because in today’s game, it’s a priceless gem.

Here are other songs with several good moments: “Judgment Hammer”, “Lighting War” and “Treason”.


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