INDYUS – Ashes Of Distopia

INDYUS - Ashes Of Distopia
  • 8/10
    INDYUS - Ashes Of Distopia - 8/10


Release date: October 10, 2009

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As a young Austrian Death/Thrash band, Indyus is one of the better examples of how to start your album career. Ashes Of Distopia came to break some bones and present the end of what we know. Being chaotic in vision didn’t disturb these guys even for a bit. Showing the ugly side of reality is what Metal has been doing best, on more than several occasions, and Ashes Of Distopia did just that. Overall, Indyus made their official debut with style and the aggression needed in order to slash their brutality the right way.

The first thing that came to mind while spinning this album was the British Death Metallers, Bolt Thrower. Maybe it is the sound production, which is great, that made the connection, but there were other things. When it came to the material, the picture was clear. Indyus created themselves as the Thrashy side of Bolt Thrower. Add Slayer and Sepultura to the mix and you have got yourself a wonderful Death/Thrash event.

Ashes Of Distopia is brutal, no doubt about it, yet, it was crafted and handled with taste. This is not Brutal Death solely in any way. All through this convention, it is a blasting old school attack made mostly of Thrash Metal. However, the Death provision was so important and there was no way to keep it out. The similarities between the might of Indyus and the chaos of Bolt Thrower are compelling. You can say that Indyus is Bolt Thrower on steroids.

Indyus took almost every measure to keep this album heavy and brutal. Nonetheless, they sank their large teeth into the old school meat grinder. With their chunky sound (including some impressive solos and other nice additions), bone breaking beats and atrocious lead vocals, they prepared the ground for their assault.

The approach of Indyus made Ashes Of Distopia to what it is, a fine piece of work. Overall, their extreme tunes created the impression that they are bound for something good to happen to them. However, sometimes they didn’t actually make the cut for being overly creative. The majority of tracks tell the grim tale of a dark future or just the mishaps of a rotten society. A few of those tracks stirs the same wheels, yet, taking a tumble. Those misfortunes could be avoided, yet, everyone knows that not everything is clicking and not everything is lively as others. In the case of Indyus, lively is a bad phrase. To conclude, Ashes Of Distopia is another way to the big moshpit, the ones who decide to take it, go for it.

Steinmetal’s highlights marked on the tracklist

  1. Into Eternity
  2. Ashes of Dystopia
  3. Altered Apes
  4. Theories
  5. The Dilemma
  6. Future Is Over
  7. Burial Time
  8. The Necrosis (of Human Kind)
  9. Abyss of Ignorance
  10. Zeitgeist


Matthias Mayr – Guitar, vocals
Dave Furtschegger – Guitar
Jakob Innauer – Bass
Klemens Mayr – Drums


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