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    INFINITY OVERTURE - Kingdom Of Utopia - 7/10


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Release date: October 6, 2009

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The main protagonist in Infinity Overture is Ian Parry, but Niels Vejlyt (guitars) is the man most directly responsible for the creative direction of the group. The musical genre is Symphonic Power Metal and the title of the album is a good indication of what the lyrics center around. Kingdom of Utopia is about kings, queens, and of course, the construction of a mythic kingdom called Utopia.

More than a few of the performances on this album are excellent. When Ian Parry sings, it’s as if he’s stretching his vocals to their limit. Niels Vejlyt seems to be putting great effort into his solos, but he’s also capable of adding Classical and Progressive flair when the mood strikes him. Mads Damgaard adds plenty of character and several flourishes with his keyboard playing.

For the recording of this album, Manticora’s Mads Volf did the drumming and there’s a lot of double bass pounding on his part. With this particular collection of songs, such a method of play doesn’t quite work. It lends an overly mechanical quality to the sound. Luckily, each track isn’t dominated by this style of play.

In addition to Parry’s singing, there’s also a female presence here. Unfortunately, it’s too often muted. There are a few instances where Anne Karine Prip is allowed to shine individually. Songs like “Wonderland” and “Sacred Fire” make it clear that she’s got a beautiful tone. Much more often than not, she serves as a backing force for Parry.

The main downfall on Kingdom of Utopia would have to be the subject matter. The fantastical and somewhat outlandish nature of this stuff simply won’t appeal to a broad audience. If the cheese were a little less potent, or somehow given a rougher edge, then it might work well. Sadly, that isn’t done too frequently here. With some reworking of their lyrical content, Infinity Overture could be onto something bigger.

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