• 7.5/10
    ACE FREHLEY - Anomaly - 7.5/10


Bronx Born Records/Season Of Mist
Release date: September 15, 2009

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Alcohol glorification has been common throughout Rock N’ Roll history. Sometimes to the belief that excess enhances creative juices. In case of original KISSer Ace Frehley, the myth certainly rings untrue. Three years straight sober and thus facing no more hangovers, the resulting Anomaly is telling; Ace is out of his cage and free of his chains.

That’s not to say all is different; faithful studio partner Anton Fig handles drums for much of the album, and what we get, aside from the experimentation involved, is classic “Space” Ace Frehley in a modern setting. Roughly, Anomaly could be divided in half, with Ace largely hitting it out hard at first, a hungry, meaner feel than has been the case for many rocket rides, “Pain In the Neck”, “Outer Space” and the spinning “Too Many Faces” will have fans of the man’s riff work naturally wired. Ace’s excellent take on Sweet’s classic “Fox On the Run” fits nicely into the scheme of things; the melody sound tailored for Ace’s ultra cool voice in this beefed up version.

The likes of “Change the World” and “It’s A Great Life” throws the listener into more of a loop without sacrificing the end result. However, the album’s most enjoyable moments lie in the instrumental sections; “Space Bear”, obviously named in tribute to the teddy bear Ace ruined when participating in KISS’ classic Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder appearance thirty years ago, is infectious in its grooves. And “Genghis Khan” sees Ace exploring more alternative tuning and sound effects.

The verdict can only be Anomaly would be a worthy add not only for KISS fans but to the collections of fans of memorable riff work and variations that can be utilized within Hard Rock in general. The Ace has landed.


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