HALLOWS DIE – World Of Ruin

HALLOWS DIE - World Of Ruin
  • 8.5/10
    HALLOWS DIE - World Of Ruin - 8.5/10


Release date: August 21, 2009

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Hallows Die may sound like they are an ordinary Melodic Death Metal band, yet that definition is not that accurate in their case. These Canadian guys, from the great Metal state of Ontario, play Melodic Death Metal following the Gothenburg fashion with several modernized elements to add some of their own flavor. While taking a look at their range of influences, while also trying to identify some by listening to their debut World Of Ruin, one can only be stunned at how much depth there is to the music. The band’s influences range from Classic Rock/Hard Rock to Death/Melodic Death Metal and whatever other powers are hidden within are up to you to find and explore.

As many bands attempted to make their way to a sort of recognition, Hallows Die are no different and they did well on releasing World Of Ruin. As it is, in a general view, an impressive debut that shows that there is potential among these young lads. Their version of Melodic Death Metal is kinda like the Old School Swedish form, better still, with all of the band’s additions to this play, they were able to make something good with quite unpredictable turning points. Those points give a very good notion on what is going on, or better stated, what is not going on as one will have to dig deeper in order to capture their views when it comes to Death Metal music.

The fact is that these guys are following a true aim of challenging themselves to create something moderately diverse than other acts lying about every corner. In order to let you in on the strong points that made this album a good debut, you have to read the next lines. World Of Ruin possesses great harmonies and melodies. Those can also be heard on the old Swedish Death Metal, still, Hallows Die entered bits of modernity to them while not enslaving the old melodic sub-genre to it in comparison to bands as In Flames and Soilwork did when they came to their prime (from this end, the gutter hole). With these melodies, it’s hard to forget the various donations of great solos played around, the lead guitarist and bass player did wonders on playing these creative arpeggios and great licks, giving this Deathly group some premiere moments, moments that were partly lost on the modernized Melodic Death Metal of today. While capturing the heavier momentums, it is difficult to disregard the fine passages of acoustics and keyboard (mostly Piano effects) backgrounds. The former will insert you into a dissimilar sphere that will take you, for a limited time, to a sort of a dream state. You might check out “The Black Forever” as you will sink yourself into deeper inner thoughts.

If one will focus on Hallows Die’s Death Metal appearance, bands that come to mind are In Flames (ranging from Colony to Reroute To Remain), Dark Tranquility, At The Gates and remotely to the evilness of Carcass. With the mentioned means, World Of Ruin turned out to be a great setup for the guys and they were able to inflict a series of the best extraordinary high points as the ultra melodic harmonized “Murder”, “Sea Of Embers” and “Bring Out Your Dead” while demolishing the unforeseen with “Frail Mind”, “Dream Catcher”, “In This Emptiness” and the morbid “In The Absence Of Life”. Last, do not forget the dreamy “The Black Forever” and “Burnt Silhouettes”.

This new release is a true effort on trying to create something out of other variances. The result is a well-reserved album and a good starting point up the road ahead. Hallows Die should protect what they have here and keep on working on new material with the same attitude as they have the talent.


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