BLACKOUT – Evil Game [Remastered]

BLACKOUT - Evil Game [Remastered]
  • 8/10
    BLACKOUT - Evil Game [Remastered] - 8/10


Metal Mind Productions
Release date: July 21, 2009

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Probably one of the oldest Metal bands in the Netherlands is trying to make a comeback to the Metal world. Metal Mind Records did these guys good by rereleasing their old debut album from 1984, Evil Games. This album is a recapture of solid, basic, yet quite nostalgic Heavy Metal molded with elements of aged American Hard Rock.

Blackout tells of a rather nice story of change. A year before the release of Evil Games, the band back then, called Godzilla, was actually a Pop-Rock project. After finding Metal a lot more appealing to them, the band turned out to become Blackout. After their reformation and change of style, they recorded a demo that changed their lives. Roadrunner Records, once a great label who knew whom to sign, caught interest in these guys and signed them. In 1984, Evil Games was out and the rest is history.

In order to analyze an album as Evil Games, you would have to think the same as many thought back in the 80s. Although Metal Mind Records did very good on remastering this release and bring it back to life, this one is still an 80s production and writing fashion. The band’s attitude tended to the catchier and melodic side of the steel, while trying to be heavy and raspy.

The music itself is quite ordinary, very similar to NWOBHM, Motörhead mixed with Van Halen. Evil Games showed Blackout as a band which had depended on a formula that many other bands used to get their Metal out. The difference between each band is the way they used it. Blackout, with their musical mixing and sense for melodies, operated their material quite well even if they did not offer a wholesome hit box. It is sad that back in the 80s, this album never got the recognition it deserved. Some consider this band to be one of the first innovators of Speed Metal, however, it is rather hard to make it out from this release.

Even though Evil Games, in a modern observation, may sound banal, it is still a relic taken from the 80s. Through the sounds and auras of the tunes within it, you will feel 1984, which is considered as one of Metal’s first steps. Check out Evil Games by this cool band, which tries to come back to the people’s notion.

Highlights marked on the tracklist

  1. Motorcycle Bitch
  2. Evil Game
  3. Bleeding Moon
  4. Demon Eye Woman
  5. Screaming Metal
  6. Black Out
  7. Ice Age Hunter
  8. Victim of the Night
  9. Doctor’s Nightmare
  10. Roadie

Lineup of Evil Games

Bas Van Sloten – Vocals
Jens Hofman – Guitar
Mannes Van Oosten – Guitar
Alfred Kers – Bass
Jan Boxem – Drums


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