TORMENT – Tormentizer

TORMENT - Tormentizer
  • 8.5/10
    TORMENT - Tormentizer - 8.5/10


Remedy Records
Release date: July 20, 2009

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The choosing of the title Tormentizer for the band’s new album is no less than perfect. Tormentizer celebrates the Germanic Torment’s 25 year anniversary. Moreover, Tormentizer presents yet another step in Torment’s way out of Thrash Metal and more of a move into Traditional Metal and old Punk.

Ever since the legendary EP of 1987, Bestial Sex, the kings of Hardcore embraced Thrash / Speed Metal in a rather sleazy way with themes of sex, alcohol, bondage, male domination and a Metal way of life. Through the years, Torment was touched by the influences of grimy Rock N’ Roll with bits of Punk, they allowed these genres to step into their game and it’s evident by judging from their last three studio releases. As far as it goes, this sort of change, to a certain extent, suited them as their music adapted to the dirty themes. You will notice the feel of Motörhead, Sex Pistols (and more of the early Punk) and less of the old German Thrash / Speed.

Torment’s material is simple to comprehend; their music is groovy, and speedy most of the time in the sense of Thrash and Punk, with traditional structures and the occasional catchiness. Their well-maintained production sounds parallel to the old Motörhead albums of the early 1980s and late 70’s yet with the additional power of the modern age.

As with Motörhead’s albums, Torment’s way is all about cruising smoothly without any tricks and traps. Their material pushes forward with a purpose to withhold your thoughts while letting you have fun. In a way, Tormentizer, is a Hardcore butcher full of sleazy sex intentions yet, it’s still Metal and Torment are no amateurs in that department.

In 1987 it was full killing Thrash Metal, in 2009 it’s more or less Thrash but with several add-ons. Rest assured that the music is still strong no matter if the spirit has gotten twisted a bit.

With their dirty sound and attitude Torment succeeded in making a number of hits from Tormentizer. Songs as the self-titled killer “Tormentizer”, the Speed Metal pandemonium of “Let’s Get Extreme”, “I Hate The System” which is the most Punk themed tune against society, the “Stalker” who is after his victims on this Thrash / Heavy Metal Old School classic. “Temptress Crystal Meth” – A sleazy song of a not so lovely lady. “Politics And Religion” – the Metal / Punk combination strikes again together as one or two certain subjects that just will not leave the lyric sheets. “The Ones You Love To Hate” – yet another Thrash / Heavy / Punk feast.

Torment’s steps, if you can recognize them as steps of progression, have made them something else that will almost certainly change certain opinions about them. Their turning point from Thrash into Punkish Rock N’ Roll is not something to regret, however loyal fans of Bestial Sex will probably look at it differently. The old Torment is still there on Tormentizer as it was on their previous Tormentation album. Possibly in the near future Torment will need a Bestial Sex kind of album in order to recapture their youthful and wild moments, but for now they give you Tormentizer which can act as the appetizer.


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