REBELLION – The Clans Are Marching

REBELLION - The Clans Are Marching
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    REBELLION - The Clans Are Marching - 8/10


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Release date: June 26, 2009

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If you thought that Mr. Uwe Lulis gave up the Viking dream, you are mistaken. It seems that this guy is a huge fan of that era, but the most important thing is – his way of converting these tales and stories into true Heavy Metal thunders. Back when he was in the grand Grave Digger, Lulis demonstrated the meaning of power music. If you cannot remember, take a listen to the Grave Digger album he features in.

When he left Grave Digger, after a painful dispute with Chris Boltendahl, the founder of Grave Digger, regarding the name for the rights on the name Grave Digger, Lulis formed Rebellion with old members of Grave Digger. In Rebellion, Lulis fulfills his abilities under his leadership in order to reach the top he once had with Grave Digger. To serve his desire to form the new Grave Digger, Lulis recruited a great vocalist whose voice pattern is almost identical to the legendary Boltendahl. If you look into the depth of the band’s name, you might presume that Lulis always had a rebellious nature.

Rebellion presents The Clans Are Marching as a taste for the band’s third volume in the Viking tale, Arise: From Ginnungagap To Ragnarok – History of the Vikings, Vol. III. This EP contains four songs that will remind you how powerful this band is. Their music is epic-like, flowing, aggressive and without mercy. This pattern fits the themes presented on their albums, always marching with power and strength to conquer the desired territories. The Clans Are Marching will not provide you anything off the charts because Rebellion are following a course, which is rather traditional, and it does not seem that anything can sway them off it. However, the course taken is not a ghastly one at all, as you can probably feel on the band’s earlier albums, especially on the Viking themed ones. These guys are relentless and professional to charge their local and world scene under Uwe Lulis’s guidance.

The tracks recorded for this EP were selected with taste. The first track is a cover / remake of one of Grave Digger’s hits from the mid 1990s, “The Clans Are Marching”, which was taken from the Tunes Of War, an album that was very successful back in that period. The efforts made on producing this version are noticeable and the song itself crushes and burns everything in its path. Rebellion’s frontman is one hell of a singer and you can perceive him as the sole heir for Boltendahl.

The second track, “Arise” is a swift return to the Vikings’ grounds. This one is only solid because it doesn’t reflect the fire that burns in Rebellion. The third track, “Ragnarok”, is what is expected from the aggressive Germanic horde – a full shattering blow to the face of the enemy with powerful music and driving chorus. The last track, “My Blood In The Snow”, is the best of this EP’s originals. It heads off with a soft tune until it rumbles the ground with hard hitting Speed / Power Metal slaughter.


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