BARBARIÖN – Feast On The Beast

BARBARIÖN - Feast On The Beast
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    BARBARIÖN - Feast On The Beast - 4/10


Release date: June 20, 2009

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Metal isn’t always something to be taken seriously and there are numerous bands that have made this evident since its inception. For some, lyrics that feature fantasy elements do nothing but lend Metal a sense of complete, total outlandishness. For anyone that’s into these sometimes-foolish lyrics, there’s a band called Barbariön that’s more than happy to sing about silly subjects. In fact, the group isn’t so much a Metal band as it is a comedy act.

There’s one thing Barbariön has going for them: they don’t beg to be taken seriously. Hell, just the thought of asking to be taken seriously has probably never even crossed their minds. The band doesn’t emphasize competent playing. They do just as much as necessary to keep you from tuning out. Their sound is grounded in NWOBHM and it comes off as if it was recorded back then too. As for lyrics, let’s just say they aren’t enlightening. This group is about being as over the top silly as it possibly can. Barbariön wants to amuse people. For many, they’ll succeed in doing that.

If you need a sampling of what they’re like, how about their lyrics? Here are some from the song, “Progeny”. “Fucking and fighting, riding the lightning / Glory and greed, planting my seed / Progeny / Progeny of mine, you are divine / My dirty deed, you will succeed / Progeny”. Want more? Consider the following from “My Favourite Wife”. “I strive to conquer the evil in this world / But demons roam among my own / He took your flower, he made it his own / I tracked him down, I cut the flesh from his bones”. Interesting, huh?

Listen to this album a few times, and it’s mildly funny. After another couple run-throughs, it’s not good for much. Not once during this entire venture does Barbariön strike a serious chord. Again, that’s not the band’s goal, amusement is. But the routine wears thin fast. If you think these guys deserve credit for their steadfast conviction, you might be right. They stick to the comedy and never once stray from it. Other than that though, what’s to like? Check Feast on the Beast out if you’re desperate for a laugh. Be warned, the good times are short lived and the band seems pretty short on playing skill.

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