MILAN POLAK – Murphy’s Law

  • 8/10
    MILAN POLAK - Murphy's Law - 8/10


Lion Music
Release Date: June 19, 2009

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Milan Polak is the type of musician that presents an interesting dichotomy. On one hand, this guy seems to have the potential to become a darling for the FM radio scene. On the other, it’s clear that he has no interest in being a pawn that’ll play it safe in a lyrical sense. Something of a conundrum occurs because his sound is tailor made for the Modern Rock scene, but the same might not be said for his lyrics. This is a guy that will not have his opinions silenced at any expense.

His riffs aren’t so heavy that they’re abrasive to Hard Rock fanatics, but they’re not so soft that Metal fans will shy away from them, either. This is very accessible material in that it’s got some bluesy and melodic elements thrown into the mix. “Losing Me”, which is precisely the type of track you’d expect to hear on an AOR station, is one such track where this feeling emanates. “Torn” is another of the more sensitive tunes.

A song like “No God”, which sees Polak calling God out for a lot of the shit that goes on in the world, is proof that he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Then there’s “Wannabes”. This track is about the very thing the title implies: posers. It’s also a chance for Polak to poke fun at MTV and its endless stable of “reality” shows for asshole celebs.

Polak deals with relationships and a lot of the baggage that comes along with them. Another big theme seems to center around people that are false and their stupidity. “Sheeple” is a song in which Polak dismisses Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and a whole host of other fakes in this world. When it comes to songs about liars and all their B.S., the best song is “Fake”. It starts out with a driving bass line from Fabio Trentini, but progresses into a stellar force for Polak’s skilled guitar work.

Speaking of the guitars, Polak’s ability is topnotch. The riffs are catchy and the heaviness is infectious. Anyone that appreciates Hard and Modern Rock guitarists will recognize Polak’s skill. The solos are concise but precise. In many respects, they prove to be the hidden gems within each song. Hard rockers should take note of this release. This is an edgy album and more than worthy of your attention.

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