CHAOSFEAR – Image Of Disorder

CHAOSFEAR - Image Of Disorder
  • 8/10
    CHAOSFEAR - Image Of Disorder - 8/10


Old School Metal Records
Release date: May 4, 2009

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Chaosfear of São Paulo, Brazil, are exactly doing what their forefathers of South American Thrash Metal, Sepultura, should have done after they had taken a turn from being a Slayer type band as heard from their all time classic Beneath The Remains. As many of you probably know, Sepultura, generally, left the Old School Thrash Metal roots and went on doing a mix of their local music with a modern type of Metal that Thrash did not have too much of a say in. The album Roots Bloody Roots was the first in a line that produced something completely different in comparison to their 80s glory.

Back to Chaosfear, these young dudes play a slightly more modernized Thrash Metal, yet with their modernized sound and top production, they insure that their Old School roots are noticeable in their songs. Their second release, Image Of Disorder, the first release through their new label, the US based Old School Metal Records, is another good work of mixing the new sound with the old roots while adding up small surprises on the way.

Image Of Disorder has that South American feel to it. It’s majorly heavy with blood pumping riffs of dirty, gloomy sounding guitars under a massive aura of bass work, charging vocals of semi-growl with rare moments of clean vocals that leaves a very good impression of the band’s vocalist and a type of drumming to kill for. Chaosfear wrote some interesting drum rhythms, which makes their efforts similar to Sepultura’s. Nonetheless, they even went on way ahead of the old Brazil’s flame in producing native drumming creations. Another matter to be amazed of is the band’s addition of solos and minor melodies. Although not included in most songs, which mostly rely on several repetitive palm muted riffs, these tiny sections of joy enriched and provided some info about the band’s talents in making them. Songs such as “Don’t Mask Your Weakness”, the best song all around, serves as a full presentation of the band’s abilities in making blasting heavy tunes, under gruesome vocals, alongside touches of melody. Overall , you can recognize Chaosfear’s style as Thrash Metal induced with lite-Death Metal , in all of their modernness. Their music is crushing like a hard-hitting hammer or after a serious bombing raid, yet various other elements were implemented, which enabled Chaosfear, almost, to present Image Of Disorder differently from other modernized Thrash releases.

Highlights are “Poison Head” , “Bitter Dominance” , “Don’t Mask You Weakness”, be sure to check out its melodic verses , chilling solos and its wonderful chorus. All these make it a hell of a listen. Also, “Destined To Your Own Hell” and “Inner Revolution”, a track filled with Old School power and speed, as well as “Truthless B.C”.

Chaosfear is a band for those who still look forward for Sepultura to get back to their classical era. This young group serves as the future of Brazil’s Thrash scene. Although not completely Old School, as many may have hoped for, but they still have something to say and Image Of Disorder is proof of that. Check this one out as you will not be disappointed.


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