ARKADIA – A Drop From The Past

ARKADIA - A Drop From The Past
  • 9/10
    ARKADIA - A Drop From The Past - 9/10


Release date: April 27, 2009

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Through the coldness and shimmering light, there are various answers to life’s troubles. Throughout the eyes of the Finnish depressive Melodic Heavy Metal act, Arkadia, the superlative solution is to let it go because it is not worth the suffering. Arkadia’s message is quite similar to another late Finnish band which broke up four years ago. That band was Sentenced, which held the observation of life as if everything in it is grey and if there is pain, the act of life’s release is the nature of solutions. This type of message can be twisted and misunderstood if one is not searching his thoughts deep enough. Through Arkadia’s new EP, A Drop For The Last, the message is conveyed in several ways. In the course of the EP’s music and lyrics there is an approach to life’s troubles and problems in a rather unique way. This sort of preaching is what is so interesting in their material.

Back in the day, Sentenced was the first band, which in earlier years, endorsed itself with pain and its repercussions while demonstrating an incredible manner with a full introduction to what is to be subjective to it. Arkadia can be recognized as Sentenced’s successor in regards to these sorts of themes. Yet they were able to create, especially by the way of the music and sound, various compositions that will capture the listener and draw him into slightly further extreme areas. While using these elements, which can be found on Sentenced’s early and late albums, such as the pattern of cold and almost emotionless clean vocals as bounded part to the old guitar harmonies, Arkadia uses other components taken from Extreme Doom and Melodic Death Metal to create an exceptional type of Heavy Metal. Equipped with an astonishing production and skilled musicians, A Drop For The Last, presents strong and expressive harmonies and profound chunky riffs, solos, and atmospheric keyboards which straddle the coldness of Finnish Metal. Also include a set of vocals mixed with strapping growls alongside cold and depth clean hymns.

A Drop For The Last contains long winded aggression along with with a chilling gloom. The entire EP is exciting and it will drive you through the depths of pain itself. Try to pay attention to the lyrics after you get over the main assault from the music. “If That Day Should Come” is a rather easy likable song on the EP, it has great melodies and a classic intro. “Realization” is the most brutal of them all and has similarities to Sentenced’s Death Metal era yet Arkadia are sharing something of their own. “My Life Is Mine” is a strong mix of melodic music with chilling growls of ice, this one is all about personal decisions with no regrets. “Insecure” is a feeling that everyone has from time to time, the song is diverse with sadness and anger. The pain cries out through a wonderful solo. “A Drop For The Last” is the perfect way to end a release, by the book as Arkadia presents a Sentenced like song with a few touches of their own traits. This one has everything; Doom like riffs, great drumming, well performed vocals, classy keys and chilling solos.

Antti-Jussi Valkama, the band’s lead singer, was right indeed, Arkadia is a band worth knowing. It should be endorsed by the Metal world because its an outright gem.


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