HAZY HAMLET – Forging Metal

HAZY HAMLET - Forging Metal
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    HAZY HAMLET - Forging Metal - 8/10


Release date: April 25, 2009

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The Forging of Metal is a mystery that has many explanations. This ultimate phenomenon that changed the lives of Rock n’ Rollers all throughout the world began in the 1970s and the rest you already know. This is not a history lesson and it’s nothing hazy, because when it comes to Heavy Metal from Brazil, you can’t really ignore the devastating power of Hazy Hamlet. With a rather original name, these four dudes from Parana really know how to forge their Metal under the flag of the late 70s as the forming of NWOBHM and the German and American 80s way back in the old days. Through their debut album, Forging Metal, life is composed of epic Viking tales, wars , death and don’t you ever forget that you can’t unite all these ancient themes if not below the strong fist of Heavy Metal.

Before Heavy Metal became the solid temple of Hazy Hamlet, they actually were more of a Power Metal act, using the European approach. The band’s first releases were a demo, Hazy Tales, an EP Revelation and a single, Chrome Heart that appears on this presentation. These past releases ranged through 2001-2004. The sad thing about Hazy Hamlet is that they lost members and that factor made hardships on their career wishes. However, this year, after stabilizing a solid line-up , the guys brought up their first true full-length. Another change took place with Forging Metal and that was when the band’s Power Metal show turned backwards to the roots of this amazing genre of music. These roots were bound to Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. Well, you can’t really consider Forging Metal as a Hard Rock album, yet you will find that there are several indications within the old Heavy Metal flame that are 70s Hard Rock and Heavy Rock elements. The best example of one of those indicators are the semi-wah wah, hammering solos, even if the majority weren’t made with the most mind blowing ability, they are full with the old spirit of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin.

Alongside the 70s elements, Hazy Hamlet are an almost hard driven 80s group bursting out heaviness of Old School Metal riffs , melodic trills and leads, a leading bass, pure charging intensity and from time to time unforgiving aged Speed Metal under the witchery of bands such as the 80s era of Grave Digger and the newbie Rebellion. Beyond the music, which has a common ground with both bands, even if the latter is a Power Metal band (but with a strong Heavy Metal basis), the vocal section manned by the astonishing dominant frontman, Arthur Migotto, is largely comparable to Grave Digger’s and Rebellion’s lead singers, the difference between them is the accent aspect, which goes hand in hand with the fact that Migotto is South American, so it’s understandable. Even with his slight accent issue, this guy is first-rate with a high skill of telling tales, singing wonderful arias and praising the strongest of them all… Heavy Metal.

With every one of these influences of the classic years, the band’s material has a load of offerings filled with enchanting moments and it’s safe to say that it succeeded in generating the chimera as if it was written and recorded more than twenty years ago. When a gang of Old Schoolers is able to maintain the old ways and past structures, it will truly raise a swarm of Old School followers because no one can fail to remember the glory of 80s Heavy Metal.

Forging Metal , in general is a good album and a well done debut. With this album on their resume, Hazy Hamlet can only aim higher and conquer a statue in the Metal world as 80s Metal preservers and protectors because it needs the good old Metal hymns in order to keep the true spirit alive and kicking. Forging Metal is the first stone’s throne by Hazy Hamlet, let us hope that their next will be another, and even better, Old School chopper.

Highlights: “Forging Metal” – A pure Metal anthem / hymn as if Hazy Hamlet were back when “Heavy Metal Breakdown” was conceived. “Beginning Of The End part II” , “Black Masquerade” and “Metal Revolution” – A major part of what made this album such a heavy release. “Field Of Crosses” – A track with the function of a ballad , reminds many of 80s Heavy Metal classic ballads , surely a victorious moment for Hamlet and probably their best. Lastly there is the closing “The Faces Of Illusion” – This one leaves questions behind , but not about the music of course because you can’t question good Speed / Heavy Metal made by ones who will forever be forging Metal.


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