CROWN THE LOST – Blind Faith Loyalty

CROWN THE LOST - Blind Faith Loyalty
  • 9/10
    CROWN THE LOST - Blind Faith Loyalty - 9/10


Cruz Del Sur Records
Release Date: April 17, 2009

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Crown The Lost gives Thrash Metal a completely new meaning. Ever since Thrash Metal was born in the early 1980s, it was gradually known for its attacking form of speed and angry attitude. Moreover, in many cases, it was also known for being musically unmelodic. When Crown The Lost was formed back in 2005, it marked a new milestone in the history of Thrash Metal.

These guys can’t really be recognized as a 100% present Thrash Metal group, yet the fact that they enriched it with Heavy / Power and even various forms of modern Melodic Death Metal tunes, makes them one of the most interesting Metal groups in the world of Metal today. Think about a dangerous meeting between modern musical compositions of Dark Tranquility, Exodus, Primal Fear and Iron Maiden. With guarantees, only good things came out of that miraculous summit. Crown The Lost with its second release, Blind Faith Loyalty, will show you the true meaning of Melodic Thrash Metal and to what end true artistic melodies can reach with Thrash.

Blind Faith Loyalty ‘s writing proves the skills and talents which exist within the members of this young American band. They also show why their future will be shining bright if they keep up taking advantage of these gifts. In most of the album, they tend to be complex and diverse on their rhythms, which include masterful main riffs, Gothenburg style melodies, juggernaut solos and top notch drumming (check out the various grinds in this one where will you find this type of drumming if not in an Extreme Metal outfit?).

Then there are the song structures, which their unexpected nature is something that is almost unknown in the Old School Thrash we all know and love. It’s highly known how Thrash Metal likes to be kept simple and to the point, even when there is no point at all. Crown The Lost seems to have many issues to point out in their songs; they express many emotions in their music. Furthermore, on various tracks the music tends to string along through rather depressive paths or even Gothic manners, you get that sort of feeling from some of the riffs. This aspect purely states the band’s efforts to be unique in a line of music that in past years would not have tolerated such topics.

Another matter that captures attention is the vocals, which do not really relate to Thrash Metal in any sort of way. However, the collaboration between the singer and the music is what makes Crown The Lost an original hit. The combination of chopping music and a melodic, almost weepy like, singer, that gets his share of help with growls from his lead guitarist , is not something unlikely to be forgotten.

Highlights from Blind Faith Loyalty: “Defame The Hypocrites” – one of the most diverse openers heard, it’s a crusher yet it holds tenderness that is profound. “Bound To Wrath” – the album’s best feature attacks with a remarkable main riff of low heavy / doomy fillers and its chorus is a classic. “Symbiotic” – serves as a great example to mark the production of Melodic Thrash. “Blind Faith Loyalty” – a fast track that just shouts out brilliance with creative solos and most emotive solos. “Dreaming In Reverse” – the most catchy track of the album, holds a very good main riff that elevates to a Heavy / Thrash Metal blowout. Check out the great drumming on this one. “Privation” , “Finality” – both of these tell the same amazing story of good music.

Crown The Lost unleashed a well-done record with great production, amazing music made by highly creative minds. Thrash Metal has been given a present with this album and it surely is a welcome addition for all who attempts to be innovative.


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