ANUBIS GATE – The Detached

ANUBIS GATE - The Detached
  • 9/10
    ANUBIS GATE - The Detached - 9/10


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Release date: March 30, 2009

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Anubis Gate, with their new release, The Detached, truly define the definition of a “concept album”. You can actually say that Anubis Gate has left Dream Theater behind and they proved that you don’t have to be that “techie” to produce a fine work of art. What’s left to the listeners is to sit down with the booklet that features writings from the story along with the lyrics. The Detached is based on a story written by the famous Danish writer, Martin Rauff, which goes by the same name.

Anubis Gate, besides this current release, has produced other great releases since their formation in 2001. Their second album, A Perfect Forever (2005) and their third release, Andromeda Unchained (2007), are both excellent pieces of Science Fiction story telling in the Progressive / Power Metal genre.

After the band’s A Perfect Forever, Anubis Gate went through a change that made them even better. The ultra skilled producer, Jacob Hansen, who is also the lead vocalist of the famous Thrash Metal band Invocator and the Power Metal band, Beyond Twilight, filled in the vocals section. Metal fans , if you like the awesome engineering work on bands like Mercenary , Nightrage , Pyramaze , Rob Rock and Destruction then be sure to tune in to another masterpiece of a production by this talented individual. Hansen gave the band his tremendous voice and he shows how talented he is , especially after hearing some of his attacking Invocator albums. Without a doubt, this person has elevated himself and he is one of the greatest vocalists around. If you like James Labrie, you will find almost the same voice pattern along with Hansen’s own touch.

Back to the story of The Detached. The story focuses on a character named Bilao who is part of a subhuman race called “The Detached”, which are a race of immortals unbound by laws of time and space. Their purpose is to travel through eras, past or future, to find a place to settle down, grow old and eventually die. Bilao is one of the travelers and he journeys to various places and times like the ancient Egyptian era of the Pyramids. However, a problem in his journey starts to arise when every time he travels to a different place, he weakens. Only by chaining yourself to this marvelous piece of imagination will you find out if Bilao made it or died trying.

With this beautiful story comes great music. Unlike several Power Metal bands who choose stories about Dragons, ancient beasts and fighting kingdoms, Anubis Gate focused their attention on something more mystic and sometimes concentrating on a subject that is hard to understand or comprehend. You can hear that in their music.

Like all progressive Metal acts, there are the additions like keyboards armed with orchestra effects, but behind this atmospheric set , there are well constructed guitar rhythms that tend to become aggressive yet also can be soft, full of great melodies. The solos express the emotions of the character and the story itself. If you listen closely, you can feel various moments from Bilao’s journey. In addition, there are well-crafted and written drum beats with a full sound – so you can really feel the pounding of the double bass run through your heart like its own beat.

Anubis Gate is proof that you don’t have to be that techie with longer than life epics to manage a great release. Although The Detached has songs that last more than 9 minutes, they won’t bore you because the synergy between the band mates and their execution won’t let you. There is always something new here, a new emotion to experience. Because this album flows you will have to make sure that Bilao does not run away from you, so be advised to watch out for him before he does and the story will end before you know it.

Regarding highlights from this release, do not expect to find too much standard fare here, instead expect the unexpected. For example, “Lost In Myself” is a classic to be, the chorus is captivating, the drum beats are killing, the driving emotions won’t leave you.

“Find A Way Or Make One” is a great beginner that lashes out a rhythm that presents the opening and afterwards the closing of this release.
“Pyramids” gives you the feeling of walking through the hot sands, following Bilao through an ancient era full of wonders.

“Bloodoath” is an unexpected track full of surprise features. “Ammonia Snow” is a sort of reprise to “Lost In Myself”, if you still want more of that great chorus, you get it here but with an enchanting soft musical approach. “Options – Going Nowhere” is another well performed track with awesome melodic music and a chorus to remember.

“A Life Time To Share” is an excellent closer to a well written story, that if you want to read it in length then buy it or borrow it. The speed and rhythm of this one is amazing, see how power and massive ability conjure together. In addition, this one is loaded with a catchy chorus to enjoy.

After hearing Anubis Gate , you will be able to recognize that there is another great band out there besides the old Pretty Maids , Invocator and others . Anubis Gate is an evolved group with a lot to give. Watch out for these guys and wait for their next achievement.


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