BOTHERS – No Way Out

BOTHERS - No Way Out
  • 7.5/10
    BOTHERS - No Way Out - 7.5/10


Release date: March 9, 2009

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The Italian Bothers is an additional stone in the huge brick of Italian Metal. Moreover, as a Thrash Metal band, Bothers is another verification that the Italian Thrash Metal scene has became more American-like under the Bay Area Thrash and the rest of American Thrash banners. No Way Out is the debut havoc of a band that started out in 2003 in Macerata.

On the same course of other Italian newcomer Thrash Metal bands, the production rate is top of the line as it was meant to light up the power and heaviness of such aggressive music. Maneuvering on the production section are the working hands of one of the band’s founder and lead guitarist, Karim Venturini a.k.a. Axe Swap. While observing the quality of his work, it can be documented that Axe Swap brought it up to the best possible result as his studio creation came through to the belligerence of overseas bands such as Testament, Exodus, Slayer, Metallica and Pantera. Almost everything in here is in place and stomping with synergy with only a slight fault, which are the rather shushed solos. Largely, the ground that Venturini set was in almost complete efficiency to create a brutal 00’ Thrash Metal album with blinks to the classical era of the genre.

With the current production that exclusively laid on Venturini’s set of skills, there is the material in question. Bothers presented some major brutal version to their Thrash Metal. It is like utilizing the older spirit of Thrash and infusing it with modern and more brutalized approaches. On its whole, No Way Out is a fine Thrash Metal piece that came within reach to the border of what Thrash Metal can do nowadays. Bothers, as the majority or American Thrashers, wanted to make their point on life, society, against naivety while bearing the sign of “we do it the hard and evil way to show the truth” just as their fellow countrymen Dead Brain and Urto did on their debut releases. However, in assessment, Bothers took a step further and ordered the strong tones of Death Metal as they used the mandate of Matteo Stronati as a deathly thrashing raspy machine behind the mic and in the end of the day; he did a good solid job.

On the other hand, with the thrashy aspects of No Way Out, the real deal is just another Thrash Metal album based on the American technique. Bothers, with their great efforts, came forward as potential heavy hitters with a sole dedication to Metal. However, with their profound brutality, they did almost the same as others. Well, it’s hard to say that they were recreating material because they presented some impressive stuff such as the classy “Last Day On Earth”, the devouring “Massacre” (truly a great track to start a gig), the pornified “Psycho Bitch”, their old tune back from their early demo “Kill For Insanity”, the Testament like “Alone As Death” and the cruel features of “The Evil’s Face”. Strong as those are, it is hard to find anything mesmerizing concerning their stuff. No Way Out is showcasing Bothers first as a band with tons of potential, second it gave them a fine edge with a solid direction on where to take on their approaching outcome.

Bottom line, this album is a fine thrashing sign and is necessary for everyone who wishes to know Thrash Metal of today and yesterday. The challenge forward is to make the next thing around a better, improved mischief. In addition, you might witness that Italian Thrash, through bands like Bothers, has a bright future ahead and a great super challenger for the German Thrash scene.


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