DAWN OF TEARS – Dark Chamber Litanies

DAWN OF TEARS - Dark Chamber Litanies
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    DAWN OF TEARS - Dark Chamber Litanies - 9/10


Release date: March 1, 2009

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These Spanish folks prove that Melodic Death Metal, Gothenburg style, can be approached from a slightly different angle. Their new EP release, Dark Chamber Litanies demonstrates the true form of Melodic Death Metal yet coloring it with darker, even a bit gothic, elements to challenge your ears. As you may know, most of the Modern Melodic Death Metal today has gone sour to Metalcore and such and has lost its creativity like when it was introduced in the early 1990s. It’s good to know that there are bands who still appreciate its mystical magic.

The band’s composition, since their formation in 1999, was immensely focused on all sorts of Macabre fantasies and darker issues. It’s up to you to imagine what there is that they write so much about the Dark. As far as their music goes, it’s very much like traditional Swedish Death Metal filled with enchanting melodies, almost like European Power Metal, remarkable solos of power with tons of emotional motifs. With these pearly prizes comes speed, heavy riffs and gruesome growls a’la Children Of Bodom and raspy voices such as the early era of Sentenced between Amok and Down. Unlike most of the early 90’s acts, Dawn Of Tears composed wonderful choruses of clean vocals, one of them is even sung in duet with a female singer, whose soft voice appears in the release several times. For atmosphere, the guys use their keyboards as a symphony filler which sits tight with more harsh rhythmic sections, also there is the use of a piano effect.

Dark Chamber Litanies is an excellent offering for Metalheads who don’t like Melodic Death Metal as much. Many of them will be able to learn that behind these deathly vocals and sometimes grindy tempos, lie a load of emotion, ready to burst out. Nevertheless, most of the music is rather more Power Metal than Death Metal, as many of you probably know.

Highlights are hard to pick because the whole release is an incredible listening experience, yet here are tracks for you to focus on: “Since You’re Gone”, “Winds Of Despair” and “Mr. Jarrod”.

If you like Dawn Of Tears, check out their website listed below. They have both of their releases free for you to download and enjoy. They are worth the time and small effort. Check them out, you won’t regret it.


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